Top 10 Kraft Boxes Types and Their Advantages

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

In today's world, there are a variety of different types of paper boxes on the market, often used for different purposes such as shipping, gifts, and packaging. However, the Kraft boxes are the most popular paper boxes that apply to the diverse range of packaging.

The Kraft boxes change our world through their various packaging uses. They bring convenience to our lives when it comes to packing so many different products. Although there is a variety of custom carton packaging on the market today, many customers still prefer packaging boxes made of Kraft paper. First, Kraft boxes are environmentally friendly because they are made of high-quality pine materials. These Kraft boxes are completely recyclable. Second, Kraft boxes are strong enough to safely preserve and transport products inside them. Third, pine wood pulp plays a very important role in the manufacture of high-quality Kraft cartons. In addition, the use of Kraft materials is not harmful to the ecosystem.

Kraft paper is the material that makes these Kraft boxes, which is why they are named after it. Every industry has a variety of boxes made of Kraft paper, many of which you can't even imagine. Their wide range of uses provides us with a variety types Kraft boxes. Here let me share the top 10 Kraft boxes types and their advantages with you.

  • Sliding drawer style Kraft boxes type

This kind of Kraft box is fold-able and flat shipped boxes. They are very commonly used Kraft box style, it has a Kraft paper sleeve and a sliding drawer, both are folded with a piece of Kraft paper. The sleeve can also be made of clear plastic, our store supply this kind Kraft boxes in a number of colors and sizes, you can click below image and shop now. or Click Here

  • Counter display Kraft boxes type

We can notice this type of Kraft boxes in almost all types of stores. From confectionery shops to cosmetics, decorations and even grocery stores, this Kraft box is available on their counter-tops. The advantage of using these Kraft boxes is to attract customers and enhance their impulsive purchases. Even in big brand stores, the reception desk has these Kraft boxes for advertising purposes. Because these boxes don't require much space to place. So they are very popular with sellers. These counter display Kraft boxes can be customized to any size and shaped advertising panel to suit packing various products in the market. They are a great way to brand your products.

  • Jewelry packaging Kraft boxes type

We all know the jewelry box in rigid chipboard or plastic. Also, Kraft boxes are another packaging made for the jewelry business. Jewelry Kraft boxes are best suited affordable packaging for storing jewelry or selling handmade jewelry on the market to make a profit. Popular jewelry brands are using these boxes to differentiate their brands from other brands. A simple and natural Kraft box with white foam insert is a nice choice for protecting and organizing the jewelry like necklace, earrings to stand out their luster.

Together with cosmetics, these Kraft boxes are perfect suit. We are well aware that products that need to be used on the skin require quality packaging to protect their internal products. As a result, we often see Kraft cartons for lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and foundation in our daily lives.

  • Bakery packaging Kraft boxes type

Kraft paper Box is the perfect packaging choice for food. They are made of a variety of shapes and sizes using sturdy materials. These boxes usually carry handles to facilitate food transport. These Kraft boxes are preferred for cakes, pastries, cakes packaging and more in bakeries.

Customers are fascinated by the Kraft boxes used to packing their products. For this reason, bakeries tend to use Kraft boxes to wrap cakes, pastries, chocolates and other baked goods. We are very aware of this fact and it is now a common move to give sweets on different occasions. Therefore, the bakery requires a variety of elegantly designed Kraft boxes to be provided according to the needs of customers and the occasion. These custom Kraft boxes are basically used for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, New Year, anniversaries, weddings, bridal showers or any religious event. They can even be used as a favorite box in corporate gatherings. In addition, Kraft boxes are your problem solver, because they have no gender or age bias. Therefore, you can use them to give away to anyone and people of any age. If you also have a bakery business, you can use a Kraft paper box to make your baking products stand out on the market.

  • Kraft Boxes type of apparel and shoes packaging

Now let's take a look at the clothing and shoe brands we often come into contact with, and you can also find Kraft boxes among the clothing package. The most popular white Kraft boxes have a great demand for shoe brands as well as shirt packaging for clothing varieties. According to a variety of clothes, such as shirts, ties, socks, seamless fabrics, these Kraft boxes can be easily customized into any size and shape. If you're a tailor, you can also use the simple lift off lid Kraft boxes sold in our store with stickers and ribbons to wrap your handmade clothes and shirts.

The top and bottom lid box is very simple and common in Kraft boxes types, with a sturdy base, side walls and usually a top cover. Side binding or sometimes bonding together for better results and safety, there is also no glue bonding through folding clasp. Once the item is packed in these boxes, the customer can also use tape to seal it. This may not be the safest packaging, but it is still suitable for packaging many products. However, this material is ideal for small distance delivery.

  • Kraft gift boxes packaging

Gift box is a popular Kraft boxes type. You must have received gifts which packed in Kraft boxes in some of the important events like anniversaries, birthdays, and several other personal and cooperate parties. These Kraft boxes packagings are simple fold-able which gives relaxation from getting into the mess of wrapping sheets glues, tapes, and all such stuff. These Kraft gift boxes with silk ribbon closure decorated, heart-shaped die cut, made from different colored Kraft paper and paper insert, stickers, etc. These Kraft boxes never seem to disappoint you, as they can provide a variety of options for any occasion. Whether you need to wrap Christmas gifts or your branded products or need to wrap wedding gifts, these boxes offer a very colorful way to add a personal touch without putting a burden on your pocket.

  • Mailer Kraft boxes types packaging

These Kraft boxes even have a variety of mailer packaging. As the name suggests, these boxes are able to send your packages and products to customers in short and long distances. Their large products include self-locking die-cutting boxes, boxes with envelope bases and five panels etc. These custom Kraft mailer boxes are easily used to properly lock the packaging, which ensures the safety of the items in the packaging and is not damaged during transport. I recommend sealing the top with tape to increase safety. Moreover, for particularly exquisite types of fragile and exquisite products, self-locking die-cutting corrugated Kraft boxes are very suitable.

  • Food Grade Kraft boxes as takeaway packaging

You must have observed some takeaway food packaging are Kraft boxes, they are made of food-grade Kraft paper, which has oil proof lamination inside the box for grease-proof. These Kraft boxes are widely used as burger box, salad box packaging, fried chicken packaging box, and sushi packaging as well. They can have a clear PVC/PET window on the top lid to see through the boxes. As these Kraft takeaway boxes are biodegraded material, very suit for fast-food takeout boxes packaging.

In addition, these boxes can be used for your children, husbands and even for your own lunch packing, as they are strong enough to withstand the weight. These Kraft food takeout boxes are even the first choice for restaurants. These boxes are effective in wrapping food and helping their customers handle it easily. In addition, they help promote your brand and products on the market.

  • Rigid Kraft boxes type packaging

Kraft boxes look natural and friendly. Usually Kraft paper is a thin paper used to make above Kraft boxes, but you must have also received some rigid Kraft packaging boxes, which are made with gray board or chipboard coated with a piece of thin Kraft paper outside the box. The most popular rigid Kraft box is the top and bottom lid box style. The lid can be the same height to fully cover the base, it also can be half or much shorter than the base in tall boxes. Sometimes you want to give gifts to special people in a unique package? Or do you need a gift package to give out a favor box for some important events? These rigid Kraft boxes can be the best option, they used as a gift presentation with ribbon and stickers decorated. Also, they can be made with foam insert as jewelry packaging box for your handmade craft store or jewelry shop. They are widely used as apparel packaging as well, like scarf box or Shirt packaging.

  • Cylinder Kraft tube boxes packaging

The cylinder tube packaging is also a very popular Kraft boxes type. Usually, it's also rigid, but it's not made by gray chipboard material. These tubes are rolled up from raw Kraft papers with a round mold, by one layer and layer circled to make up a thickness around 1 to 2 mm Kraft wall. These tube style Kraft boxes can be used a gift packaging with large diameters can contain many items. Also, have small diameter cylinder tube boxes are used as product packaging for essential oil glasses bottles and some round items, which is a better packaging solution than paper boxes with their round-shaped advantage. They can be customized to any diameter and height according to the products to fit.

6 Advantages of using Kraft boxes packaging

  • Kraft boxes are made from Eco friendly material.

The Kraft boxes used today is one of the most popular and environmentally friendly boxes. This is because of the type of paper material used to make these boxes is very recyclable. The materials used to manufacture and process these Kraft boxes are actually obtained from pine pulp. Using Kraft boxes, unlike plastic boxes, we don't have to worry about polluting the environment because these cartons can be recycled.

  • Strong Kraft paper made good quality Kraft boxes.

Kraft boxes have excellent quality because they can withstand most adverse climatic conditions, such as moisture, heat and even vibration. Kraft is a special type of material that can withstand a variety of pressures. Moreover, these boxes have the ability to add corrugated layers, which gives them greater strength and robustness. They are very beneficial for transport and packaging because Kraft boxes can easily protect the products in the box from maintaining the integrity of the product during transport and to prevent any damage. That's why Kraft boxes are so common in our lives.

  • Kraft boxes are most cost-effective packaging option.

Kraft boxes are ideal for most commodity packaging. This is because the raw materials needed to make these boxes are very cheap and readily available on the market. This makes them the most cost-effective option for packaging and transporting products and items.

Corrugated Kraft boxes are actually the most preferred boxes currently used for shipping. These boxes are used to wrap a variety of products, regardless of their size, shape or weight. These Kraft boxes can be easily recycled and reused, which effectively distinguishes them from other boxes, making them the most widely used packaging and affordable shipping material.

  • Kraft boxes have wide usage range in business filed.

Kraft boxes have many uses for product packaging mentioned in the above article. They are currently the perfect choice for packaging products such as aromatic and handmade products. Special jewelry Kraft boxes are easy to wrap striking jewelry items. This type of Kraft packaging is elegant and makes it easy to protect shiny rings, bracelets or necklaces from losing their luster. By customizing the image design, you can make your brand unique and give it a personality, making it look special.

  • Kraft boxes with better graphics printing capabilities.

Kraft boxes offer better printing and graphics capabilities, supporting many printing options, such as lithography, digital printing or screen printing. As a result, they can actually be used as a tool for product marketing and branding. Companies, brands can print their logos or artwork, and even print product information or data on Kraft boxes, including contact addresses or other details, as well as many other promotional details. This makes these packaging very beneficial to attract customers ' attention, thereby enhancing the sales of products.

These Kraft boxes can easily improve your brand prominence and serve as a new network for your product promotion. You can add printed design manuscripts to customize your custom Kraft box so that the promotion of your product can be greatly increased. Awareness regarding your brand will also increase, and your information can be easily communicated to your customers.

  • Kraft boxes are easily personalized and customized.

Kraft boxes are print-friendly which means it can be easily custom printed with your logo and artwork with other product details, which will turn them into marketing medium for your company or brand to attract customers. Be creative, come up with an attractive slogan, highlight the quality or benefits of your product or service, and print it on a custom Kraft box type, as well as some tempting pictures of the product to attract the largest customers and increase your sales. The printing techniques have multiple options such as CMYK offset printing, gold or silver foil stamping, spot UV finish etc. Printing directly on Kraft boxes costs, but simple Kraft boxes without printing can be decorated with stickers, stamps, and ribbons, etc amazing ideas to enhance the box's attractive and stand out your products in a cost-effective way.

Another reason for its popularity is that Kraft boxes have a variety of shapes, such as rectangles, squares, diamonds, and even egg shapes. You can get the idea of a custom Kraft box for any color, shape, and size you want. In addition, if you want to prompt you for a product that is already packaged in the box, the window cut Kraft box is your best choice.

The box size is always important when it comes to customizing boxes. Because the same standard size is not suitable for different products. While all boxes have the same basic functionality as products of different sizes and quantities, sometimes the size and shape of the box need to be changed. On the other hand, for heavyweight shipments, the strength and robustness of customized Kraft boxes protect your exquisite products from damage.

The best thing about Kraft boxes is that even if you're just starting a business and need to wrap your product, it's a troublesome step for you to select the right packaging material. These Kraft boxes are definitely the best choice for you as a product packaging. These Kraft boxes types are biodegradable, so this can reduce your concern that the storeroom is full of dirt. The prevalence of any industry must make your brand popular through the necessary publicity. If you really want to attract your customers to buy your product, now is the time for you to give up shoddy packaging. Using Kraft boxes is a great attempt to start packaging your products. Visit Kraft Packaging Store find the suitable Kraft boxes for your products, we wholesale various styles and sizes Kraft paper boxes, as well as customized paper packaging.