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Custom Rigid Kraft Cardboard Slide Drawer Boxes

There are many different styles of rigid cardboard set-up box packaging, some customers do not know how to call them, this kind of rigid gift box with a slide-out drawer with a rigid sleeve, very similar to a drawer box, but it's made of rigid cardboard, it can be called slide rigid boxes, rigid drawer boxes and sliding drawer gift boxes. Here we introduce the customized options for this type Kraft rigid drawer boxes, which rigid cardboard surface paper is laminated with brown or black Kraft paper, with custom printing and finish, as a stylish and eco-friendly rigid gift box packaging.

Brown Kraft slide rigid drawer gift boxes

Custom rigid Kraft sliding drawer boxes with 4 different pull styles.

1. Custom Kraft cardboard slide rigid boxes opening with a ribbon pull.

As rigid slide boxes are opened by sliding the inside drawer out from one side of the sleeve, it requires a pull attached to the drawer or by pushing it out from the other side of the sleeve, because the other side of the sleeve usually is sealed with a wall, can only open the box from one side. Firstly we introduce the pull which made of ribbon, this is the most popular way to pull out the Kraft rigid slide out box packaging. There are various colors and styles ribbon are available for choice to match the Kraft custom slide boxes printing and finish to make it looks great.

Custom Kraft rigid slide out drawer boxes

2. Customized Kraft cardboard sliding drawer boxes with a rope pull.

If you don't like above ribbon pull,  you can also choose to use a rope pull for the Kraft rigid sliding drawer boxes, a similar colored linen rope as the brown Kraft paper coated drawer box itself, will come out a very stylish and natural look for the drawer packaging. Such a stylish brown Kraft box suits for packing some special collections, boxes with custom black logo printed on the top rigid sleeve, it's a very nice eye-catching gift packaging.

Custom rigid Kraft cardboard sliding drawer boxes with rope pull

3. Custom rigid slide open Kraft drawer boxes with a cut notch pull.

Some people don't like an extra ribbon or rope attached to the rigid sleeve boxes, they want to have a finger notch cut on the cardboard drawer so as to make it easily pull out, this is also a good opening option. However, in this case, there's a notch hole cut on the drawer so the box can't seal completely, also as rigid gift boxes are made with a piece of greyboard and coated with Kraft paper or printed paper outside the gray board. If you want to cut a notch on the box edge, then the inside greyboard will expose on the edge cut, you may don't like that appearance, but this can't be avoided. If you think this is not a problem to you, then this kind of finger notch pull for custom rigid drawer boxes is also a good choice.

Custom rigid drawer gift box with cut notch pull

4. Kraft cardboard slide out kraft drawer box without any pull, by pushing out to open.

No matter the ribbon pull or finger notch cut, they suit for rigid drawer boxes which slide open from one side only, if a custom sliding drawer was designed to be  opened from both sides, then you don't need an extra pull to pull out the drawer from one side, you can simply push it out from the other side of the drawer.  This design is just like a match box, so sometimes people also call them rigid match style gift boxes.

custom rigid drawer box with two side opening

Custom sliding drawer gift boxes with different types of insert options.

1. Custom Kraft cardboard sliding drawer style rigid boxes with paperboard insert.

You can choose to have a paper cardstock insert to fix your products tightly in the box without movement. It can be a Kraft paper cardstock with die cut shape according to your products. It can also be a white cardstock insert with custom printing. Paper inserts are more eco-friendly than other inserts such as foam insert and plastic insert, because you choose to use a Kraft packaging for your product is considering to have a stylish and natural look packaging, so it's better to have a paperboard insert as well.

Custom Rigid sleeve sliding boxes with paper card insert

2. Custom Rigid Kraft drawer gift box packaging with die-cut foam insert.

If a paperboard insert can't meet your packaging requirements, you can choose to use a custom foam insert for your drawer packaging box. The foam inserts including soft XPE foam insert, medium hardness EPE foam insert and hard EVA foam insert main 3 types. They come in black, white and grey color often used, also can be velvet coated at the foam surface to make them looks more luxury. They are easy die-cut to many holes to fit items and are cheap for a low minimum order quantity comparing to plastic vacuum insert.

Customize Rigid slide drawer boxes with foam insert

Custom slide rigid drawer boxes with a clear window on the top.

Sometimes you want to make your packaging special and would like to have a clear window patched on the rigid sleeve of the cardboard drawer box to let your customer see through the box of your products without open the box. You can have a transparent PVC window with a logo printed, or just have a clear window without any film glued, so customers can touch the product from outside of the box. The window shaped can also be customized to some special shape besides the regular rectangular shape window. 

Custom rigid Kraft sliding drawer box with clear PVC window

Custom Kraft rigid sliding drawer boxes with carrying handle.

For a large size box, if you want customers to carry them more easily even without putting in a paper bag, then attach two handles on the rigid drawer boxes are a good choice. It can be a color ribbon handle or paper handle. There are always many options out there for a customized box packaging.

Rigid Kraft drawer gift boxes custom with paper handle

Custom printed BROWN Kraft surface paper cardboard sliding drawer gift boxes.

To a custom packaging, the first is the printing should be customized with your own branded logo and artwork, it can be printed in single one color, two colors, three colors to full colors offset printing if you want to have a Pantone color match is also easy to be done nowadays. However, when people choose to use a Kraft paper box packaging, they are looking for a simple printing to keep the natural Kraft look of the packaging, usually with very simple artwork.

Custom printed rigid kraft drawer boxes

Customized BLACK Kraft surface paper rigid cardboard slider drawer boxes gift packaging.

Besides brown Kraft paper wrapped rigid cardboard drawer boxes, there is also matte black Kraft paper option for choice. If you are looking for a matte black drawer box with simple hot foil stamping logo or spot UV logo, these matte Kraft paper coated rigid cardboard sliding boxes are best for you, they look decent and impressive after the finish.

Custom matte black Kraft rigid slide drawer boxes gift packaging

Make to order WHITE surface slide rigid cardboard drawer boxes will full-color printing.

Kraft boxes are simple, they can only with simple printing and finish, if you are looking for more complicated custom printed drawer gift boxes, then it should be a white art paper coated rigid boxes because the art paper is suited for exquisite color printing. They are the most commonly used paper material for box making and printing.

Custom WHITE surface slide rigid cardboard drawer boxes

If you want to custom made your own branded rigid slide drawer gift box packaging, or you are at the early stage want to know a price idea or get a box die-line to make artwork designing, you can simply click below button to fill out a quick form to request a free quote from us, we will send a quote to you within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry. 


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