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Custom Kraft Paper Packaging

Custom Kraft paper gift bags wholesale.j

Custom printed Kraft paper bags, shopping bag with twisted paper handles and rope handles, flat handles and many printing and finish options.

Custom kraft rigid cardboard magnetic boxes

Custom Kraft rigid magnetic lid boxes with different closure styles and various insert options, as well as different types of printing and finish option.

Custom kraft cardboard tubes packaging boxes

The most details custom kraft paper tube packaging introduction of various tube styles and printing, finish, insert etc details custom options introduce.

Custom essential oil bottle packaging tube boxes

To custom a natural Kraft paper tube packaging with foam insert or without insert, best fit for your dropper bottle with custom sizes and various finish.

Cusotm cosmetic cardboard tube packaging boxes

Custom Kraft paper tube packaging for cosmetics beauty products such as cream jar, eyelash, essential oil etc with premium printing and finish.

Custom cake boxes packaging.jpg

Custom Kraft bakery boxes like custom bread boxes, Kraft cupcake boxes, Kraft macaroon boxes, donut boxes in many boxes styles, with or without window.

Custom print Kraft grocery bags sos sacks

Custom printed food grade SOS Kraft grocery bags, bakery bags in brown and white color bags, one color, two-color and full color printing options.

Custom kraft rigid cardboard drawer boxes

Custom rigid sliding drawer boxes with different pull styles like ribbon, finger notch, and various insert options, can also with window cut on the sleeve.

Custom cardboard candle tube packaging boxes

Cardboard Candle Tube Box

Different custom printing and finish introduce for custom paper candle tube packaging and the advantages of kraft tube packaging for candles.

Custom wine packaging tube boxes

Custom designed round Kraft cardboard tube packaging for wine with different lid styles and can with carrying handle and premium printing finishing.

Custom printed Kraft corrugated mailer boxes

From one-color, two-color to full color to meet your different needs of a Kraft mailer box, various insert option suits for both retail packing or shipping usage.

Custom candy boxes packaging.jpg

Custom Kraft boxes for chocolates, custom truffle boxes, wedding favor boxes, custom treat boxes and coffee cookie boxes etc.

Custom printed kraft pouches bag

Custom your own logo and wording on Kraft stand up zipper pouch bags, low minimum order of 50pcs to start of one color, two-color printing options.

Custom kraft rigid cardboard telescoping gift boxes

There are 2-piece and 3-piece style telescoping boxes style, can be partial cover lid and fully cover lid options, various insert and window options.

Custom t-shirt packaging tube boxes

To use a stylish and unique designed custom kraft paper tube packaging for your t-shirt packing and display in the store with an eye-catching finish.

Custom lip balm lipstick tube packaging

Custom paper cardboard lipstick tube packaging with custom printed artwork cost-efficient and natural-looking for your organic lip balm and lipstick.

Custom kraft paper soap boxes packaging

To custom your own branded Kraft soap boxes with custom printing, die-cut window, die-cut shape, both soap boxes and soap wrapper available.

Custom fast food boxes packaging.jpg

Custom Kraft food packaging boxes for fast food such as hamburger box, Kraft popcorn boxes, kraft sandwich boxes, picnic boxes etc gourmet boxes.


Custom Kraft wedding invitation boxes

If you are looking for some simple but unique and stylish boxes for your DIY wedding invitations, RSVP and cards, you can take a look at Kraft wedding invitation boxes, they are natural, stylish and suit for DIY decorated with silk ribbon and artificial flower to make your wedding invitation unusual and unforgettable. We can also custom your invitation boxes with custom printing to make those boxes unique and just for you.

Custom Kraft wedding invitation boxes

Custom Kraft photo presentation box

When it comes to presentation boxes, usually it will be a rigid cardboard box, no matter for photo presentation or gift presentation, the rigid style gift box always works best. The surface paper outside the rigid cardboard can be brown kraft if you want to have stylish Kraft boxes for photographers or Kraft frame boxes for a memorable gift. Box style can be a magnetic lid or telescoping style or rigid drawer box style as you like.

Kraft photo presentation box.jpg

Custom Kraft stationery storage boxes

Kraft stationery boxes including many applications, there are Kraft document boxes for store office files, Kraft file boxes and for storage office work tools, like pens etc accessories.  Kraft stationery boxes comparing to plastic stationery storage boxes has the advantage of natural look and easy recyclable as they are made of Kraft paper, also they can be customized and no harmful to our environment and our body healthy.

Kraft stationery boxes.jpg

Custom Kraft business card boxes

If you are looking for some simple but unique and stylish business cards as well as brown Kraft business card boxes for your natural related business, the Kraft paper will work very well, they can be easily custom printed and designed to have a natural look but also looks professional. There are also envelope style kraft boxes, Kraft greeting cards gift boxes for natural greeting cards design and packaging.

Kraft business card boxes.jpg

Custom Kraft retail boxes packaging

Kraft retail boxes packaging is also very commonly seen in the supermarket, for electronics, phone cases etc packaging. The brown natural look plus high-quality custom full-color printing available to make the Kraft paper retail packaging boxes look eye-catching and stylish, can design to with window, Kraft retail box is easily recycling comparing to other bleached white boxes and plastic made retail packaging boxes.

Kraft retail boxes.jpg

Custom Kraft Boxes for beauty cosmetics

We all like to use natural beauty products and cosmetics, so to apply a natural packaging like Kraft boxes for natural cosmetics will let consumers have a good feeling about your products. Kraft boxes for a cream jar, for essential oil etc. Kraft Boxes for beauty products can be simply white ink printed or full-color printed to stand out from other packaging. Besides brown Kraft, black Kraft is also a good option, looks good in foil stamping finish.

Cosmetic kraft boxes.jpg

Custom Kraft tie boxes & Shoe boxes

We have done many Kraft boxes for tie and t-shirt etc clothes packaging, Kraft shoe boxes. Packing clothing in a natural Kraft box is a good choice because people want to wear something natural and no harmful to health. Kraft box for ties, kraft box for shoes, just simply printed with custom logo or even label with stickers, there are many Kraft box styles that can be customized for clothing and apparel packaging.

Kraft tie boxes shoe box.jpg

Custom Kraft tealight boxes packaging

If you are looking for some natural boxes for packing organic tealight products, then go to Kraft boxes for tealight or handmade organic candles. Custom box style with one color or full-color printed on the boxes are easy can be done. To have a cut window on the box top to have a visible PVC window let customers see through the boxes of your delight made tealight candles or even can smell them throguht the die-cut window.

Kraft tealight boxes.jpg

Custom Kraft bath bombs packaging boxes

Kraft Boxes for packaging bath bombs are very popular because many people use a Kraft paper to wrap the bath bomb and put them in a natural look Kraft boxes, can also put some zigzag paper as padding in the bath bomb boxes, the Kraft boxes can be easily customized to have a stylish brown color appearance. People like natural and organic things. Kraft bath bomb packaging are easy to be recycled than plastic boxes.

Kraft Boxes bath bombs packaging.jpg

Custom Kraft CD boxes packaging

Kraft boxes are also can be used for packing CD as a simple CD box, or as a memorable CD gift box. The CD packaging can be a square sliding drawer style boxes with a paper insert, can with custom printed or decorated with a sticker label or some ribbon as a gift presentation box. There is also Kraft CD packaging case for two CD packed in two sides. Recyclable natural CD boxes packaging is a stylish option.

Kraft CD boxes.jpg

Custom Kraft Display boxes packaging

These display boxes are widely seen in the market place put on a counter for small products. Also called counter display boxes. Kraft paper stock with its natural-looking is used to make Kraft counter display boxes for packing some natural related organic food and items. Custom shape and printing are also easy to be applied on Kraft display boxes to get an eye-catching counter display for your products to stand out in the store.

Kraft display boxes.jpg

Custom Kraft Jewelry boxes bracelet boxes

Natural Kraft boxes are also a trend for packing jewelry, you can see Kraft ring boxes, Bracelet kraft boxes are widely used for packing some handmade small jewelry products. We have many different sizes Kraft jewelry boxes with different die-cut foam in-stock, come in brown Kraft and black color for your choice. If you want to custom print your logo on these boxes can be done. Get a custom quote from us for the Kraft jewelry boxes.

Bracelet kraft boxes ring box.jpg

Custom Kraft eyelash eyeliner boxes

Like other products, the Kraft packaging also used for packing cosmetic products, such as Kraft eyeshadow boxes, Kraft eyeliner boxes and Kraft eyelash boxes. These Kraft packaging come in many styles, the rigid gift boxes tyle and paper folder and paper boxes style, with a custom design like custom printing, custom window cut and custom inert options to make the best option to meet different cosmetic packaging needs. 

Kraft eyelash Eyeliner boxes.jpg

Custom Kraft lip balm boxes lipstick Box

When it comes to using Kraft boxes for packing lipsticks, there are window style Kraft box with a hangtag for retail lipstick to hang on shelf, special shape designed single lipstick packaging with a series of different printing and design, also Kraft rigid cardboard gift box for lip balm gift set presentation. All these Kraft lipstick boxes are customized with custom printing and size for your branded lip balm to have a natural look packaging.

Kraft lip balm boxes .jpg

Custom Kraft Perfume boxes packaging

The natural brown Kraft boxes can also be printed in various colors, but with an uncoated surface which with the Kraft paper textured surface that you can't find on a bleached white virgin paper. Some natural perfume products like to use these Kraft packaging for perfume bottles, with custom artwork printed in ink or foil stamping to outstand the difference of the organic perfume from others.

kraft Perfume boxes.jpg

Custom Kraft diffuser boxes packaging

From the pictures you can see there are many styles Kraft boxes can be designed to use for packaging of diffuser, there are Kraft diffuser boxes with die-cut window to show off the bottle, there are Kraft diffuser boxes with inserts, as the Kraft paper with very good flexible designing abilities, they suit for making various packagings, can with custom full color printing, or label a sticker on the plain brown Kraft box for diffusers,

Kraft diffuser boxes.jpg

Custom Kraft paper sleeve packaging

If you are looking for some natural paper sleeve for containers, for soap wrapper, or for clothing sleeve, because of the Kraft paper with a brown natural look, easy to be custom printed, they are widely using for making Kraft sleeve packaging for different applications. They can withstand cold in the refrigerator and can be waterproof coated for food container wrapper. Custom Kraft paper sleeve is easy and cost-efficient.

Kraft paper sleeve packaging.jpg