Natural Kraft Gable Boxes Bakery Packaging 


Kraft Gable Boxes in 2 Colors

Kraft gable boxes, also called gable top handle box. There are black and brown Kraft two color box options for your choice. Each color has small and big two sizes, suit for packing small pack cookies, candies, and as Kraft bakery boxes, and pack any other small gift items. 

Brown and Black Gable Boxes

For this Kraft gable boxes, also called gable top handle box. There are black and brown Kraft two color options for your choice. Each color has small and big two sizes, suit for packing small pack cookies, candies and chocolates, etc snacks, and any other small gift items.

Big and Small 2 Sizes option

This type of Kraft gable boxes packaging have big and small two sizes in stock to meet your packaging needs. They are made of sturdy food-grade Kraft paper stock, won't be out of shape easily when folded or after fully packed with your products inside, always have a good shape. 

Kraft Gable box with Top handle

This Kraft paper gable box is designed to have a big gable top handle after folded, to make it easy to carry. As kraft bakery boxes they are very convenient to bring food to your customers and friends as a sweet gift. They will love it.


Gable Boxes Set Up without Glue

This kind of kraft gable boxes is designed to be set up by snap lock and insert paperboard to each other to set up the whole box without any glue needed. Easy folded and eco-friendly, also food grade to pack baking food.

Decoration of Kraft boxes

This kraft paper gable gift boxes are sold without any sticker and ribbon. You can buy ribbon and sticker labels from our store to make your packaging more attractive to your customers, or more beautiful as a festival present gift box to your families and friends.

Kraft Gable Bakery Boxes

As this Kraft gable top box is made of food-grade kraft paperboard, so it can be used as bakery boxes packaging to pack baking food like cake, food safe to contact directly. It's a natural and nice gable boxes style packaging after being labeled to put in your shop.


Simple Assembly Gable boxes

These Kraft paper gable boxes are shipped to you in a flat packed to saving shipping cost, you need to assemble them in a few simple steps, as it's so easy to do it, so it won't take you much time to set up a gable box. You will be faster when you have done a couple of boxes. You can watch below video to learn to fold this kraft paper gable box in an easy way.

Learn how to fold Kraft gable boxes in an easy way
Learn To Fold This Box In 1 Minute


Packaging should be attractive to attract the eyes of a client. It should also appeal to the one who receives the items. If you are looking to send a gift, then Kraft gable boxes have you covered. They come in different sizes so that your items get sufficient storage. With advancing express technology, the product can be shipped to you wherever you reside. The boxes come in diverse colors. However, the one that will catch your eye is the black and brown Kraft gable gift boxes. To get more insights about these Kraft gable boxes, read on.

What Are These boxes Used For?

Kraft gable boxes are used for different occasions. They can be for business or personal use. It all depends on you. When used for business, they are used to market a product, cookies, and as Kraft bakery boxes or packing handmade products. The display is beautiful to lure customers. The Kraft gable favor boxes in business fetch high yields. The main use of these small Kraft gable boxes is to wrap favor gifts. You can send gifts to your loved ones using this Kraft paper gable box. You can be a little creative by designing them with ribbons and stickers. When they get gifts, they will be amazed.

What Time Can You Use These Boxes?

These Kraft gable boxes can be used when carrying food. You can use them during picnics. These Kraft boxes are great as gift wrappers in a number of events. It can be a business event, birthday party, and a wedding party. They can be used during Christmas and as party favor boxes. In addition to that, you can use them as treat boxes. These Kraft gable boxes are multi-purpose hence they are efficient.

Benefits of Using These Kraft Gable Boxes?

First of all, these Kraft paper boxes are eco-friendly. After use, you can easily dispose of them without damaging the environment.  Kraft paperboard is recycled to make them, hence it is friendly to the environment.

Secondly, the Kraft gable favor boxes send a message to the recipient. It shows a lot of care, love, and dedication. This is because you can customize the Kraft boxes packaging. You can design them in the ultimate way possible. You can try using the business logo, printed stickers. You can also try a ribbon of your preference. All these are to convey the message to the intended person.

Thirdly, they can be assembled with easy steps. It won’t be a hard task getting the parts up together. The top of the Kraft gable boxes is also convenient when carrying it. After assembling the box, it will not easily fall apart. You can comfortably carry it around.

Why Choose Kraft Gable Boxes Wholesale?

To begin with, you can buy them in bulk. This means that you get value for money to get cheap gift boxes, and these Kraft gift boxes are flat pack and shipped to saving shipping cost. Wholesale pieces give you a minimum price per unit. These Kraft gable boxes are unique in design and color. You can add some features to it like a name or logo as you wish. The result is an incredible gift box. They come in a variety of sizes. Thus, you can be able to put the items all at once. The boxes are long-lasting. They can be used for quite some time.

Bottom Line, the Kraft gable boxes we provided are standard products. They are biodegradable and recyclable. They come with the benefits that outdo other boxes. This is because they can be used for many purposes. The ability to DIY customize them tops up the excitement. These Kraft gable gift boxes are definitely the best to meet all your packaging needs. Get them today and enjoy the product.









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