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Custom Printed Kraft Mailer Boxes Wholesale

When it comes to the custom packaging box, no matter for retail products packing or for shipping, the mailer box style is the most commonly used packaging option. It's easy to fold up and they are flat packed to save your storage room and shipping cost when you purchase this kind of packaging for your products. They are also very popular to be used as monthly subscription boxes, they can be well custom printed with your product features and your company logo, in a simple way like one color printing, 2 color printing or with a complex full color printed artwork to impress your clients when they receive such a nice subscription box. The most important is Kraft paper boxes are disposable packaging which is eco-friendly subscription mailer boxes. 

Custom printed Kraft mailer boxes are made of Kraft paper corrugated board, usually, they are consist of 3 layers Kraft paper, the outside surface layer, middle corrugated layer and inside surface layer. You can choose the surface paper to be white or brown Kraft paper as you like. The single wall E-flute Kraft corrugated board is the most used material for custom printed mailer boxes, the board thickness is about 3 millimeter. They can be single color printed or 2-color printed or full-color printing. There are two main printing methods in corrugated box printing, the Flexo printing, and the CMYK offset printing. Their difference in printing effect is that offset printing is more exquisite and the artwork can be more complicated with vivid images and many gradient colors can be printed. However, Flexo printing is a more economical option which with simple printing effect for some shipping mailer boxes. You can also apply some special finish like spot UV, hot foil stamping effect to outstand your custom boxes.

Excepting the custom printing and custom size of mailer boxes, sometimes you may want a custom divider insert (foam or paperboard ) to protect or fit your products well packed, you may also want a mailer box to be made with a plastic handle to carry, these options are available here. You can see many different printing and finish mailer boxes photos list below to get some idea to design your own personalized mailer box or subscription box packaging. You can request a quote and a free dieline template with your size for designing.

Both sides brown Kraft, outside with Flexo printing and inside plain mailer boxes.

Flexo printing mailer box

If you are in a limited budget, you can choose this type of custom way, only print the outside of the Kraft mailer boxes, leave the inside to be plain. The outside with single or two color flexo printed text and logo, it's not limited only on print on the top lid, you can print on all the outside sides of the mailer box, the price of print only one panel and all panels of outside surface is the same, because it's a flat piece of paperboard go through the printing machine. The finish of this type of printing is matt Kraft surface, can't be glossy unless you want to apply a spot UV on your logo to make it shiny.

Refer No. 01

This custom logo printed mailer box with a pink color printed on the box outside lid in flexo printing, it's a cheap option.

Refer No. 03

Single black color custom printed Kraft product boxes with all the outer sides printed with product information.

Refer No. 05

Single wall mailer boxes w/ custom flexo-printed in full color on outer carton surface, it's not a 2-color printing.

Refer No. 02

Single black color flexo printed kraft mailer boxes with logo and website address printed on the outside front lid.

Refer No. 04

Custom printed photo frame packaging mailer box with black and white 2-color printing on the box outside.

Refer No. 06

Custom subscription box packaging outside panels with full-color flexo printing, it's not offset printing.