Kraft Paper Sliding Drawer Boxes Packaging

Easy folding kraft paper slide drawer box

Flat pack boxes,   Easy Assembly.

The sliding drawer style kraft boxes are flat shipped to you, this makes it shipping cost saving. You need to fold them up before use. We have a video below on this page to show you how to fold it, just a few quite easy steps, you can make it. 

Thick kraft paperboard slide drawer box

Thick Paper stock material

Our Kraft paper boxes are made of 350gsm durable kraft paper stock, after folded, the box has very good shaping. And it won't be out of shape after packing your products inside. Help you present a nice looking product or gift to your friends and customers.  

Kraft slide box in various sizes and two colors

2 Color options & Various Sizes

We have up to 50 sizes from small to large for your choice in 2 main colors, brown and black. You can surely find a drawer style kraft box with the right size suit for packing your products. Please note we indicate the INNER box size for selecting in the product page. 

red color kraft paper drawer box

Red color Kraft Option

Besides the brown and black 2 main colors paper drawer box, we have a special Red color paper drawer kraft boxes in different sizes to meet your special packing needs. They can be used as a festival, wedding gift packaging, etc applications. 

kraft drawer box with paperboard insert

Kraft paper Insert available

Perhaps you're looking for a simple sliding drawer style kraft boxes with some kind of paper insert or dividers to well pack your product separately inside the box. We have inserts can apart from the box with 2, 3, 4, 6 slots compartments in color brown and black kraft paper. 

Kraft slide drawer box with visible dull sleeve

With Visible Dull PVC Sleeve

We offer such kind of dull polish PVC sleeve option to replace the kraft paper sleeve to see through the box. It's a good option to show your products packed inside the boxes. They come in black and brown drawer box in various sizes. 

kraft drawer box for chocolate packing

Chocolate candy packaging

Natural Kraft slide drawer boxes is always a popular paper packaging to pack handmade sweets like candies, chocolates. You can stick something like a sticker on the box to make it looks more special to your friends or customers. 

kraft drawer box for small packs cookies

Packing small pack snacks

It's a good option to pack some small pack wrapped handmade candies or cookies etc snacks in the kraft sliding drawer boxes to share with your friends or sell them in your store. They surely will look very natural and be welcomed by people. 

kraft paper drawer box for gift packing

Use as DIY gift packaging

The natural kraft drawer boxes can also be used to pack and store some unique handmade DIY items or craft collections. Put some raffia inside the box as padding, or drier and decorations is a good choice for your gifts.