Kraft Paper Sliding Drawer Boxes Packaging

Flat pack boxes,   Easy Assembly.

The sliding drawer style kraft boxes are flat shipped to you, this makes it shipping cost saving. You need to fold them up before use. We have a video below on this page to show you how to fold it, just a few quite easy steps, you can make it. 

Thick Paper stock material

Our Kraft paper boxes are made of 350gsm durable kraft paper stock, after folded, the box has very good shaping. And it won't be out of shape after packing your products inside. Help you present a nice looking product or gift to your friends and customers.  

2 Color options & Various Sizes

We have up to 50 sizes from small to large for your choice in 2 main colors, brown and black. You can surely find a drawer style kraft box with the right size suit for packing your products. Please note we indicate the INNER box size for selecting in the product page. 

Red color Kraft Option

Besides the brown and black 2 main colors paper drawer box, we have a special Red color paper drawer kraft boxes in different sizes to meet your special packing needs. They can be used as a festival, wedding gift packaging, etc applications. 

Kraft paper Insert available

Perhaps you're looking for a simple sliding drawer style kraft boxes with some kind of paper insert or dividers to well pack your product separately inside the box. We have inserts can apart from the box with 2, 3, 4, 6 slots compartments in color brown and black kraft paper. 

With Visible Dull PVC Sleeve

We offer such kind of dull polish PVC sleeve option to replace the kraft paper sleeve to see through the box. It's a good option to show your products packed inside the boxes. They come in black and brown drawer box in various sizes. 

Chocolate candy packaging

Natural Kraft slide drawer boxes is always a popular paper packaging to pack handmade sweets like candies, chocolates. You can stick something like a sticker on the box to make it looks more special to your friends or customers. 

Packing small pack snacks

It's a good option to pack some small pack wrapped handmade candies or cookies etc snacks in the kraft sliding drawer boxes to share with your friends or sell them in your store. They surely will look very natural and be welcomed by people. 

Use as DIY gift packaging

The natural kraft drawer boxes can also be used to pack and store some unique handmade DIY items or craft collections. Put some raffia inside the box as padding, or drier and decorations is a good choice for your gifts. 

Learn how to fold Kraft paper slide drawer box
Learn To Fold This Box In 1 Minute


Custom Printed Kraft Paper Slide drawer boxes

Kraft paper drawer boxes are designed to perform multiple functions due to their ability to pack any form of products. With these drawer boxes, you can pack your items in the drawer boxes despite their shapes without interfering with the shape of the drawer box. The Kraft paper material used to make the sliding boxes is very strong such the box is able to safely hold any kind of an item that a shopper would need to package. Kraft paper drawer boxes are the ideal solution for your packaging needs. You can use them to safely pack your food items, gifts, and soaps among other household items.


These boxes are produced in two parts with the inner drawer meant to protect the items, as the other slipcase sleeve covers the top and also meant for decorative purposes in paper or clear window. Kraft drawer boxes are most preferred paper packaging since they are biodegradable in nature and hence does not pollute the environment. Kraft Packaging Store is a company that is fully experienced in producing these Kraft boxes and therefore, you can get these Kraft boxes at affordable wholesale prices.

Advantages of using kraft paper drawer box

1. Less cost is incurred in acquiring them. These Kraft sliding paper boxes tend to be cheap as compared to other packaging materials and it would thus be convenient for you especially if your budget is restrained. The procedure of making these plain boxes is also very simple without any complications and hence relating to the cheap prices.

2. Very strong and sturdy. We know that you need a packaging material that assures you that your products are safe and this is exactly what we offer you with. These kraft paper drawer boxes are very strong and hard enough to protect your goods from any damage even during your long-term trips.

3. Environmental friendly. Due to the increasing demand for the use of eco-friendly products we tend to provide these kraft drawer boxes to ensure that no harm caused to the environment. As mentioned earlier on, these boxes can easily be recycled and hence does not in any way pollute the environment.

4. Pleasant look in various choices. If you have received a gift from a friend packed in this kraft paper drawer box, then you definitely know what I mean by saying that it offers a sense of beauty. People are changing for the new and better fashion of things and the Kraft boxes are indeed what people are turning into for their packaging needs. We offer different colours and styles for this type of paper boxes and you therefore have a chance to decide on the one that suits you best. We also offer a wide range of these boxes varying in sizes, designs and even prices and you can therefore choose the specific boxes that suit your needs. 









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