Beautiful Kraft Paper Printed Gift Boxes Packaging


brown color Kraft printed gift boxes for gift wrapping.

Suit for various Packaging needs

This Kraft paper well printed gift boxes can be used to pack countless items. You can use them to pack snacks like cookies, candies, cakes and chocolate, etc food as you want. Also if you can use them as a gift box. You can buy a paper bag from our store at a low price to pack these nice printed gift boxes. 

4 sizes of brown Kraft paper nice printed gift boxes.

4 Size Options for choice

For this Kraft paper printed gift boxes with beautiful artwork printing, we provide 3 sizes in different length and width to meet different packaging needs.  You can choose the one with the right size for your items and products. Also, in our store we have corresponding size kraft paper bags to pack them. 

Beautiful artwork designed printed gift boxes.

Beautiful Design Artwork Printing

As you can see from the picture, the artwork is clearly printed on the brown Kraft paper gift boxes which looks very beautiful and natural after box closed. It's a good choice to wrap your product or gifts with this box. 

Kraft printed gift boxes with easy opening closure.

Easy Opening and Close

This Kraft paper printed gift box is easy to set up, also easy open, and it can show all the contents and items inside the box when you open the box from the two side flaps, which is very convenient.


Unfolded shipping flat pack kraft printed gift boxes.

Shipping in unfolded 

Our most Kraft paper boxes are shipped in a flat unfolded condition because they don't need to be pre-glued, easy assembly without any gluing. Also, shipping in a flat can save the shipping cost and won't be easily damaged during shipment, so do these Kraft printed gift boxes.



Label, Rope & Paper Bag

We provide sticker labels and kraft paper bags etc accessories for you to decorate the kraft printed gift boxes if you need. A simple 'Thank You' sticker may give your customers more touch when they bought this box packed food from your store. As well as to your families and friends.

Learn how to fold printed Kraft paper gift box
Learn To Fold This Box In 1 Minute

One-Piece Style Flip Top Printed Kraft Paper Box for Cake Cookie

This box with full-color flower printed on the top of the flip lid, very suit for gifts presentation. There are big and small two standard sizes for choice, also we provide a same flower pattern printed Kraft paper gift bags with carrying handle for your to pack the boxes in the bag. The box is one-piece style, it means the box base and the box flip lid is the same piece of paper, it's flat-packed for shipping, and you can fold it up in quite a few simple steps. We call it one-piece style because we have another two-piece style printed cake boxes, choose the one you like. 

Two-piece Style Printed Kraft Gift Dessert Boxes

This two-piece style is set up by 2 pieces parts, the flip-top lid in this box is a separate piece from the box base, and the box base style is the same as the foldable drawer with border after the box base was set up, and then slotted insert the top flip into the base. If you like a sliding drawer style box in this artwork printed, it can also use a paper sleeve cover to be a sliding drawer box. Both box styles come with small and big two sizes for selection to pack your handmade cookies, cakes, and egg yolk puff etc desserts, and the printed paper bag also available to pack this style box.