Kraft Paper Pillow Style Boxes Wholesale


Brown Kraft Pillow Boxes

Pillow shaped boxes is a very popular paper box style, they are flat packed before folded and will get a pillow shape after assembly. Kraft pillow boxes are made of natural Kraft paper, which is eco-friendly and recyclable. You can buy two small sizes of these boxes in our stock with rope together from this store. The hemp rope is used to fasten and decorate the brown Kraft boxes after you packed your items or favor candies inside. They can be used to pack small products for sale or use to giving small gifts or pack candies as favor boxes in some events. 


Large Kraft Pillow Boxes with Handle

Except for small Kraft pillow boxes which used for small items packaging, we also provide 2 large Kraft pillow boxes, they are made with a handle attached itself for carrying the pillow packaging. We supply large and small two standard sizes in brown Kraft color. They suit for packing t-shirts, scarfs as an apparel packaging, you can also use them to pack any else products. These recycled Kraft pillow style boxes are good for the environment and they are also stylish to meet your packaging needs and enhance your brand image. 


Ribbon Closure Printed Kraft Pillow Boxes

This kind of Kraft pillow boxes is designed with a fully open and closed with a ribbon. They are especially used to pack small favor gifts use in the event like a wedding for candies. The standard size we provide is 110x60x20mm with black text printed "THANK YOU. FROM THE MR. & MRS".

If you need a custom or bespoke printed Kraft pillow boxes for your specific packaging needs or any events, you can inquiry us and we  can provide custom pillow boxes for you. 


Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes

As the sizes of Kraft pillow boxes that we provided in stock is limited, and they are all made of plain brown Kraft paper. It definitely can't meet all the market product packaging needs, you may have to ask for a custom box with your specific size, and printed with your brand logo or some instructions of your product on the pillow boxes. In this case, we provide bespoke services for you, the minimum quantity for custom pillow boxes is 1000pcs, production time usually is 10 days. Contact us for a quote with your specifications if you need custom box service. 


Kraft pillow boxes are made of eco-friendly recyclable Kraft paper, they are 100% environment-friendly packaging. These pillow boxes are an excellent choice to pack small items from candies for party favors, bakery cookies, jewelry, headphones, sunglasses or any other handmade or homemade craft items. Large pillow boxes are very popular to be used to place hair extensions when they are made to enough length. They are also a perfect way to pack apparel items like scarfs, which is a good alternative solution to plastic bags or boxes for clothes packing. They are convenient to use, very easy to assemble, you can easily pack your products inside and fold up, and your customers can open these pillow boxes in an easy way. 

Their usage is not only limited to pack consumer products in the retail store. Kraft pillow boxes suit for any season and different occasion or events for gift wrapping. You can use them to pack favor gifts in a party or a wedding gift giving. Your friends will be impressed by these small pillow shaped gift packaging when you decorated them with some rope or fancy ribbon, and with a piece of small gift tags says some text like "Thank You", they will look great that way and add a touch of creativity to your gift giving.

Kraft paper pillow boxes do not only have a stylish and unique classic pillow shaped look, which give your product a special impression to your clients to make your brand products stand out in the store. They are also sturdy enough to safely protect the product packed inside them, as they are made of strong Kraft paper to make them very reliable paper packaging. In addition, these pillow boxes are space-saving packaging, as they are flat packed only take up very little room when storage. Also saving shipping cost, which is cost-efficient paper packaging. You can buy bulk in a very good wholesale rate from our store. If you need custom made your pillow boxes, you can also contact us.

Custom Kraft pillow boxes can be finished with your specific sizes, printing and design. It means you can customized print your logo and product information on the boxes, they can in black or color printing, also hot foil stamping is a good choice which has an amazing look on brown Kraft paper. Of course, you want to customize the size to complement your product fit well inside the box. Maybe you are interested to make a window patch with a piece of clear PVC glued on the window, which allows your products to be seen from outside of the box. It can also be customized to a range of styles like handle style and ribbon closure style pillow boxes.

Bottom line, the natural eco-friendly Kraft pillow boxes are a good choice for retail products packaging, as well as attractive gift boxes. They deserve you to give them a try for your business needs or personal gift present, not only convenient to use but also reliable to work for you.









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