Greaseproof Small Brown Kraft Paper Bags

4 sizes Greaseproof small brown paper bags

Small Paper Bags in 4 Sizes

We provide 4 normal used sizes of small brown kraft paper bags for greasy food packaging which with side gusset. The side gusset makes more packing room available for thicker pancake or burger etc. You can find one size suit for your food packing.  

Greaseproof small kraft paper bags wholesale

Greaseproof Small Kraft Bags

These small brown paper bags are made of waterproof and anti-grease Kraft paper to make sure the food packed inside won't damage the paper bags that easy. To keep hand clean when deliver and enjoy the bag packed food, us as french fry bags, burger bags. 

small brown kraft paper bags for snacks food packing

Food-safe small Kraft Paper Bags

All our small kraft food packaging bags and boxes are made of food grade Kraft paper which can directly contact with your breakfast food inside, food safe quality french fry bags packaging. 

Food grade small kraft paper bags

Durable small brown paper bag

These small brown paper bags made of thick quality Kraft paper ensure the sturdy bags won't be damaged while deliver and enjoy the food holding in your hand. Suit for various food packaging, and as brown french fry bags wholesale. 

Anti oil food grade brown kraft biscuit pancake small bags

Brown Bags without Gusset

We also provide another small brown paper food bags style which without the side gusset, they are designed to suit for more thinner pancake and cookies etc food packaging, but they are also greaseproof inside.

Triangular Shaped small Kraft paper food bags

Triangular open Small Brown Paper Bags

This small brown paper bags we offer for snack food like donuts, small pancake, burger etc breakfast takeout packaging. The triangular open makes it easier and convenient to enjoy the food packed inside these paper food bags.