Greaseproof Small Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Small Paper Bags in 4 Sizes

We provide 4 normal used sizes of small brown kraft paper bags for greasy food packaging which with side gusset. The side gusset makes more packing room available for thicker pancake or burger etc. You can find one size suit for your food packing.  

Greaseproof Small Kraft Bags

These small brown paper bags are made of waterproof and anti-grease Kraft paper to make sure the food packed inside won't damage the paper bags that easy. To keep hand clean when deliver and enjoy the bag packed food, us as french fry bags, burger bags. 

Food-safe small Kraft Paper Bags

All our small kraft food packaging bags and boxes are made of food grade Kraft paper which can directly contact with your breakfast food inside, food safe quality french fry bags packaging. 

Durable small brown paper bag

These small brown paper bags made of thick quality Kraft paper ensure the sturdy bags won't be damaged while deliver and enjoy the food holding in your hand. Suit for various food packaging, and as brown french fry bags wholesale. 

Brown Bags without Gusset

We also provide another small brown paper food bags style which without the side gusset, they are designed to suit for more thinner pancake and cookies etc food packaging, but they are also greaseproof inside.

Triangular open Small Brown Paper Bags

This small brown paper bags we offer for snack food like donuts, small pancake, burger etc breakfast takeout packaging. The triangular open makes it easier and convenient to enjoy the food packed inside these paper food bags.

Video of greaseproof small Kraft paper bags for food packaging
Oil-Proof Kraft Paper Food Bags


Packaging can be challenging sometimes. When it comes to food, it needs to be stored well. Otherwise, the food gets contaminated. This leads to serious health issues. Small Kraft paper bags are the ultimate items to package snack food. You can carry all kinds of snack food without a fuss. This is because the bags are specially designed for food, especially greasy food. These small brown paper bags are water-resistant and greaseproof. 

What are small kraft paper bags typically used for?

These small paper bags are used to carry food. You can use them to keep your snacks. They can range from dry foods to greasy foods. They include biscuits, doughnuts, burgers, and pancakes, like french fry bags, etc. You can also pack a slice of pizza to eat it later. They are suitable for packaging all small food items in our daily life. 

These small Kraft paper bags are used for diverse occasions. You can use them during picnics. They can also be used for party favors. They are ideal for use at weddings as well. They can be used during Christmas and birthday parties. Similarly, they are candy treat bags. They are therefore convenient at all times. You can hold the bag as you are traveling and bite on your cookie. It is discreet and effective because it does not leak.

Why Choose these small brown paper bags.

The small brown bags are friendly to the environment, as they are easily disposable. They are safe to use since the Kraft paper material have been approved by the FDA. That means that they can come into contact with food. Your safety is guaranteed whenever you pack food with them. Because they are also water-resistant so that you can carry the bag without any leakage. It is vital when you need to keep the food dry. The greaseproof feature allows you to package foods that are oily and greasy. By the time you arrive at the destination, the food will be intact. You will not lose any chocolate cream to the bags.

These small kraft paper bags are also durable. The Kraft paper material is thick enough to sustain the food. You can use it for some time. These show that these small brown paper bags can be relied on to carry food without tearing apart. The sturdiness indicates that they can last. The french bag size is also compact enough to store the food, you can choose from various sizes.

They have a presentable look. The bag is always clean because of the brown color. You can use it and still look great with it. It does not get dirty easily.

The bags can be bought at wholesale price from our store. You can get as many pieces as you need. If you are looking to start a business, the bags will be of benefit. The prices are pocket-friendly. This is because when you purchase them in large quantities, you will get a better discount. They are actually economical.

The small brown paper bags are unique products. They are ready to use hence, do not require any assembling. They have been made distinctively for all types of food. You can order the product from wherever you are. We ship to 26 countries with free shipping by express. They will arrive in good time. If you are looking for genuine bags for your snack food packing, then you found them. Get the ultimate experience by purchasing the bags. They will amaze you with outstanding performance.  









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