Cardboard Jewelry Gift Boxes

Cardboard jewelry gift boxes are mainly made of chipboard material also known as greyboard because the cardboard one side is grey while the other side is white or black. Outside the cardboard usually coated with surface paper which makes the boxes look different, such as coated with kraft paper, colorful specialty grain textured paper which makes them have a natural and elegant look. They are also a cost-efficient solution way if you want to buy jewelry boxes at a good wholesale price, try the kraft cardboard jewelry boxes. Instead of filled with white or silver cotton, these cardboard jewelry boxes are filled with a foam pad that flocked with velour and the foam is with die-cut lines or holes for placing the jewelry pieces inside the boxes. They also come in different sizes suits for various usage like earring cardboard boxes, rings boxes, long necklace cardboard jewelry boxes. The box style can come in lift-off lid top and bottom two-pieces style, slide-out drawer box style, and more. These cardboard paper jewelry boxes with foam insert is an ideal alternative to the cotton-filled cardboard boxes if you want to have your jewelry pieces well organized and displayed in a more eye-catching way because the foam insert with cuts can place them in order and in place without movement, can also protect the jewelry from damage.