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Custom Printed Kraft Grocery Bakery Food Bags

Custom SOS style kraft paper bakery bags groceries bag

This kind of Kraft bags are used as grocery bags to packing groceries in a grocery store, you can also see them in bakery shops for packing baking food such as bread, toast, etc as bakery bags. Some restaurants also use them as take-out bags. Obviously, they are universe used kraft bags around in our daily life in various sizes. Mostly you see them are in plain brown and white Kraft bags, but they can also be printed to make a tasteful statement to promote your business.

Customizing kraft grocery bags wholesale

Kraft grocery bags also called Grocery Sacks and SOS Bags (Self-Opening-Sack), they have a flat bottom to stand up and square gusset corners, come in various sizes to meet the different packing need in a grocery store, a small store may consume a thousand pieces of different sizes of these kraft grocery bags each month, because they are made from recycled nature Kraft paper, good to replace the using of plastic shopping bags to meet most bag legislation requirements. Also, these Kraft sacks bags are very strong to carry weight for groceries. If in these Kraft grocery bags printed with your store logos and personalized information, it will be a great way to promote your business.

Bespoke Kraft recycled grocery bags baking bags

This natural food safety Kraft bags are also ideal for bakeries, no matter for packing cookies, bread, loaf, baguettes or any other bakery food, they can come with wax coated inside with a greaseproof feature. Say goodbye to plain bags and start to custom print your bakery shop business name and logo can help your bakery business stand out and get noticed with a professional presentation, people may call you for a take-out business if they get your phone number from the bakery sack bags someday. Custom printed Kraft bakery bags in our existing sizes start from 2000 pieces.

Custom printed kraft paper grocery bags

As Kraft paper carry-out sacks, no matter for a small restaurant, or small shops dealing with dried food, dried fruit and fruit store, can pack your farm goodies with these natural Kraft bags which are moisture-proof to store dried food, good for take-out and wrapping than using plastic bags. Even for a small delis business, if your packaging with custom printed logo and business information can let customers trust you and enjoy your goodies.

Custom printing brown kraft bakery bags

Custom printing on SOS kraft bags, it can be a single-color logo on the bag front side, or fully printed on whole bags. If you like to keep the bags look natural, then printing one color simple images on the bags, if you want your bags to be colorful eye-catching to promote your special event, then you can choose to fully print on the sacks. Anyway is a great way to elevating your brand image comparing to a plain bag.

Custom printed Kraft SOS Grocery

Custom printed SOS Kraft grocery bags, bakery bags examples.