Custom Kraft Cake Boxes Baking Boxes Packaging

As Kraft baking boxes are made from recycled Kraft paper material, which cost fewer trees and better for our earth, also the warm-looking brown Kraft paper cake boxes give a more organic presentation than conventional white virgin paper made bakery boxes. Kraft bakery boxes including Kraft cake boxes, Kraft cake slice boxes, Kraft cupcake boxes, Kraft pie boxes, kraft cookie boxes, kraft biscuit boxes, Kraft muffin boxes, Kraft donut boxes, and Kraft macaron boxes. These Kraft bakery packaging can be made with clear window, with paperboard insert, in various box styles, can with handle and customized printed with your branded logo and artwork designing.

Custom Kraft Cake Boxes with A Clear PVC/ PET Window 

Kraft cake boxes with window can show off your cake when display on the Barkey stores. It not only can keep the cake clean and fresh in the box but when the customers come to the shop can see the different beautiful designed cakes or pastry through the clear window. You can choose the make the window smaller or bigger according to your needs, also it can be glued on the front or top of the box. The Kraft window cake boxes do have advantages, but as the PVC or PET material is plastic, not eco-friendly as the Kraft paper cake box itself, if you want a 100% recyclable cake boxes, then do not choose to use paper cake boxes with PVC window.

Personalize Designed Various Styles Kraft Cake Slice Boxes

Kraft paper slice cake boxes not only suit for sharing cake slice but also suitable for pie slice, birthday cake, quiche etc sweet desserts and favors giveaways at all occasions like party, weddings and other special occasions. They can be easily decorated with colorful rope, ribbon, printed stickers to add a touch feeling. They come in the natural brown color for a more dainty look. Special design with a clear window for display, or with a carry handle on the top for bakery shop and takeaway transport. Also, we can custom printed your logo and company or shop information on the Kraft cake slice boxes to promote your gourmet food, sweet dessert and baking cakes in a low minimum order quantity.

Kraft Cupcake Boxes, Muffin boxes with Paper Insert and Window

There are various styles Kraft cupcake boxes can be chosen, it can be one piece folding cupcake box featured with lock corner and tuck tab to close the box, it also can be with matching insert holder for several pieces cupcakes or muffin with different flavors in place, or just a small single piece cupcake box. These Kraft muffin boxes are made from food-safe recycled Kraft paperboard, are safe to contact with bakery food directly, can be conveniently used in a refrigerator. So even the most elaborate cupcake creations can be packed in these ideal natural look Kraft paper packaging. The top of the boxes can be windowed with a clear film for viewing the colorful deciduous cupcakes inside the box, there's no better way to show off your cupcake creations in these Kraft cupcake boxes with window. After being customized printed with your bakery shop brand logo or decorated with rope or stickers, these cupcake boxes are a perfect way to make a unique carrier for your treats. 


Kraft Cookies Boxes and Kraft Biscuit Boxes Packaging

Cookies and biscuit are also a part of the bakery, you can notice the natural look of Kraft boxes are very close to the cookies and biscuit color, use these warm look natural recyclable Kraft cookies boxes to packaging your delicious cookies is a perfect choice. Custom printed your bakery shop brand on these Kraft biscuit boxes, and simply decorate them with a brown colored hemp rope and Kraft paper folded thanks tag to make a great carrier for your cookies. The window can also be made in these cookie boxes, with clear die-cut in a unique shape, or with a clear film to display and show off the handmade cookie and biscuit for gifts and presentation on all occasions.

Customized Kraft Donuts Boxes Packaging with Window

Packing the delicious donuts in a natural Kraft paper box instead of wrapping them in a simple food bag can enhance people's love to your bakery and a custom printed Kraft donut box can easily promote your donuts and giveaway as a gift for your customers. The Kraft donut boxes are made with recycled Kraft material, can safely contact with food, made a box with a carry handle for people to carry after shop and a windowed donut box can help to store and display the donuts, people can simply close the box lid to keep the left donuts. Now start to design and make a personized Kraft donut box with Kraft Packaging Store in a low minimum order quantity.

Kraft Boxes for Macarons | Kraft Macaroon Boxes

For candy or cookie shop, not only need to make delicate dessert but also need to consider a nice packaging to pack these delicious gourmets. Macaron or macaroons are a colorful round sweet cookie, while a natural brown Kraft box can just be good to well hold these colorful cookies in the box to make a perfect display. It can be a row or several rows with a paper insert or a vac plastic blister insert to put the macaroons in place. A die-cut window on the top of the macaron box is a must for display and showcase these colorful delight sweety cookies. Print your own bakery and coffee shop brand name on the Kraft boxes is a wise way to let people distinguish your macaron and Barkey from others.

White and Brown Kraft Sliding Macaroon Boxes with Clear Window

White and Brown Kraft Sliding Macaroon Boxes with Clear Window

PriceFrom $0.95

Custom Natural Brown Kraft Pie Boxes with Window

A custom printed natural Kraft paper pie box is perfect for retail handmade pies. The Kraft pie box top with a window cut to showcase the delicious pie and let customers smell the sweet pie through the window without opening the box. These Kraft pie boxes are made from food-safe recyclable Kraft material can contact with food directly. There are many box styles can be customized to hold your special-shaped pies. 

There are a lot of baking food not listed need to have their own packaging, the Kraft bakery boxes are a very popular and eco-friendly way for bakery shop to packaging and retail their delicate baking food. Contact us to get a quote to custom made your own brand printed bakery boxes.









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