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Custom Kraft Dessert Food Boxes Packaging

Natural Kraft packaging is very suitable for food container, because they are 100% recyclable, and many are made from recycled Kraft paper. Food packaging is a large volume being consumed every day, so if we use plastic containers for food packaging, rather than recyclable paper containers, it would cause very serious pollution to our environment. Thus people tend to use eco-friendly Kraft paper food boxes packaging today. Here we are talking about several dessert boxes and fast-food containers. Includes Kraft popcorn container boxes, Kraft sandwich boxes, kraft burger boxes and kraft picnic boxes etc Kraft gourmet boxes packaging, plain and custom printed food packaging.

Kraft Popcorn Boxes Packaging.

Kraft popcorn boxes are very simple style boxes, the boxes don't need a lid, because usually it's used to pack fresh popcorn and enjoy it in a short time during movie time. The Kraft popcorn boxes are made from food-grade Kraft paper which can contact with food directly, you can also use them to packing other small desserts like nuts if you bought a batch of plain popcorn boxes, they are useful food containers in a reception party or birthday part etc occasions.

Kraft popcorn boxes

Kraft Paper Sandwich Boxes Packaging.

If you like sandwiches, you may be noticed that most sandwiches in the store are packed in brown Kraft boxes container, the most commonly seen is the Kraft sandwich wedge-shaped boxes, usually with a die-cut window on the box side, can with PVC film or just a window without any film. Some are plain Kraft sandwich boxes with stickers, some big brand sandwich are packed in custom brand logo and image artwork printed sandwich boxes. Custom sandwich boxes can make people think it's more professional and consider the food to be safely provided by a reliable supplier.

Kraft sandwich boxes

Custom Kraft Burger Boxes.

Natural Kraft boxes are also very popular for packing burgers. Kraft burger boxes are in a unique clamshell shape, the lid is very same as the bottom base. It's very easy to recognize the burger boxes from the other food packaging. Kraft burger boxes can be custom printed in beautiful artwork. It can save more trees to use Kraft burger boxes to replace white virgin paper boxes for burgers and other fried food takeout boxes.

Custom printed Kraft burger boxes

Kraft Picnic Boxes Packaging.

Kraft picnic boxes let you bring meal outdoor for a picnic without concern of pollution to our environment with these eco-friendly recyclable and disposable Kraft boxes. Usualy the Kraft picnic boxes are made from food-grade Kraft paper and the boxes inside are anti-grease and waterproof treated, so we can put picnic food into these boxes container directly. The picnic boxes have many different formats, can be a carry box, can be subscription boxes with custom printing and design, can be made with thin Kraft paper stock, also can be made from corrugated kraft board to be thick and sturdy.

Kraft picnic boxes

Kraft Gourmet Boxes Packaging.

People like gourmet, natural gourmet would be packed in natural Kraft gourmet packaging boxes, such as Kraft rigid telescoping box style and rigid magnetic closure gift boxes, small gourmet dessert can be in Kraft paper drawer boxes, with a clear window to show off the gourmet or with divider insert compartments to hold them in place, custom printing and custom designing make you a unique Kraft gourmet box packaging.

Kraft gourmet boxes

Contact us to get a quote to personalize your own Kraft gourmet boxes. Start from a minimum of 300 pieces.