Flat Pack Kraft Boxes with Lid Packaging

Type 1 kraft boxes with lid has a boarder tray

Box Type #1 Tray with border

We have 3 different types for top and bottom style kraft boxes with lid. This is the type #1, which has a wide border around the tray edge, exactly like the slide drawer style box tray. It has a more solid wall on the tray than type #2 lid box which has no wide border on the tray. 

Type 1 kraft boxes with lid has 6 sizes  for choice

6 Sizes to meet your needs

For type #1 Kraft boxes with lid have wide border tray, there are 6 sizes to meet your packaging needs. You can use them to pack socks, belt, notebook, etc items, and other gifts you want to pack with. It's a good gift packaging box with nice shape feel and solid touch, as made of sturdy Kraft paper. 

Full and half cover kraft box with lid type

Full Cover Lid & Half Cover Lid

To the type #1 Kraft paper boxes with lid packaging, we have two lid types. One is with a full covered lid, after covered, the lid full covered the bottom tray. Another one is with half covered lid, the lid only covered half the bottom tray, you can see the other half of the bottom tray after the lid put on the tray.


Kraft paper  boxes with lids made of quality paper

Sturdy Paper & Good Shaped

Our lift off top style kraft boxes with lid all made of sturdy kraft paper stock. They have very good shape after folded up. They won't be easily out of shape during assembly or fully packed with items inside. It always keeps a good looking inside and outside.

Type 2 kraft boxes with lid has thin border

Box Type #2 Tray without Wide border

This type #2 Kraft boxes with lid is different from above type#1, you can notice from the picture, it doesn't have a wide border on both lid and tray. It's more simply designed. Also, it's easier to fold up and a bit more cost efficient than type #1.

10 Sizes and color options for type 2 lid boxes

10 Size and two color option

For kraft boxes with lid type #2, we provide up to 10 sizes for choice, with brown and black two colors. You can also use these small kraft gift boxes with lids to pack any product items you want if they suit for your packaging needs.


#3 Box Type Kraft Gift Boxes with Lid and Divider

This top and bottom tray style Kraft gift boxes with lid and divider insert. The divider insert has 2 slots, 4 slots, 6 slots, and 9 slots.  The divider slot can be used to put snacks like cookies, candies, chocolates, and cakes, etc countless small packed food inside separately, as a gift box to be sold, or present to your families members and friends on festival, they will be happy to receive such nice kraft gift boxes, and surely gonna love it. You can buy bags from our store to pack the boxes if you need, as the gift boxes are sold not included any bags in the order, the gift bags are sold separately. You can shop Kraft gift bags by Click here. 

Learn how to fold Kraft boxes with lid
Learn To Fold This Box In 1 Minute


We can notice there are various products and gifts on the market, many come with a very special shape. Packing these products of different shapes and sizes is a challenge, and you want to make sure that they can be placed neatly and comfortably in a box, or pack in a kraft paper bag. Kraft boxes with lid is a good solution to this tricky packaging needs. No matter what shape and size your product are, these rectangular kraft paper boxes with lids can accommodate them well. And will not let the person receiving the gift easily guessed what the gift is, because from the outside to see is only smoothy a rectangular Kraft box, and cannot figure of the shape of the product inside.

Usually, you can pack the product or gift in the gift box, and then put it in a paper bag, easy for people to better take home after purchase your products or receive gifts from you. When you're thinking about what kind of box to buy to pack your gift or product, consider which box is better for your product, whether it's size or shape. Packaging box can be made from various paper stock, Kraft paper boxes with lid is both environmentally friendly and fashion choice. If it's for gift packing, consider not only the packaging, but also the gift-giving occasion, or the person who receives the gift, what kind of gift box they will like more. Using these natural Kraft boxes as gift boxes is usually the right decision. The natural texture of kraft paper makes these boxes unforgettable, and these natural brown gift boxes are never out of date and suitable for people of any age. We categorize by color and style, and you can easily find a box suitable for wrapping your gift. Our natural Kraft gift boxes with lid can be with insert dividers. There are brown Kraft paper and black Kraft paper boxes and even red color, which perfect for wrapping wedding gifts. We offer so many options that you can always find one suit you.

You can also buy stickers or ribbons in our stores to decorate these plain Kraft gift boxes. Natural Kraft boxes are the perfect packaging box for environmentally friendly products, and most of our kraft boxes with lid are made of recycled Kraft paper that can be used to package natural skincare and beauty products, as well as to pack organic natural or handmade foods with food grade Kraft paper boxes. Depending on the size of your product, you can choose the right box, we offer a lot of sizes to choose from, and if you want to customize the size, we can also provide custom services. Because a box of the right size is very important for protecting and packing the products.

If the box is too large, the product will move a lot due to extra space, which may not be conducive to protecting your product, or easily damage, unless you use shredded paper as a filler to fill the extra space in the box.

Before you buy a large number of boxes, consider not only the price but also the quality and time of shipment, to catch up with the date of your product release or event. Buying a box overseas can get a better price, but never miss the event date to save money. So you have to consider the time of transportation, our store takes express shipping methods like UPS, DHL, FedEx, make sure fast delivery. And our store always provides the wholesale prices, usually the minimum only 50 pieces, the larger the quantity, the better discounts. You can contact us for larger quantities.









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