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Custom Rigid Setup Telescoping Kraft Gift Boxes

What is a rigid telescoping box? It is also known as rigid top and bottom box, rigid box with removable lift-off lid. Kraft rigid telescopic box is made of rigid cardboard or chipboard, usually 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm thickness, very durable and sturdy, the cardboard surface was coated or glue wrapped with a thin brown Kraft paper stock. A custom printed rigid Kraft telescoping box is with your custom logo and artwork printed on the surface wrapping paper, the telescopic box size is also customized to meet your specific packaging requirements. They can be made with different finish and various insert options, and also different telescope box types, read on to know more about this rigid set-up box style.

Kraft Rigid cardboard telescoping gift boxes wholesale

2-piece and 3-piece two custom Kraft rigid telescoping gift boxes types.

In the market there are two main telescoping box types, their main difference is the box structure. One is the 2-piece rigid box style consists of a piece of the top lid and a piece of bottom base, the top lid size is a bit larger than the base, so it can cover on into the base piece. This rigid Kraft telescope box with lid is the most popular box style, are widely used for electronics packagings like cell phone packaging, sweet gourmet packaging box, T-shirt gift packaging etc. Another one is the 3-piece shoulder neck telescopic box tyle, it's consist of the top lid, bottom base and an inner piece neck. The lid is the same size as the base, they both covered the inner neck, the inner neck piece is glued together to the base piece. This shoulder style telescopic box is considered more stylish and also more costly than the 2-piece rigid box style. No matter which type telescope box, both have a double layer wall after closed, can safely protect products inside them.

2 types of custom Kraft rigid telescoping gift boxes

Two lid cover types of 2-piece top and bottom style Kraft rigid telescopic gift boxes.

For 2-piece rigid telescoping box with lid, there are two different lid types are available when you are looking to custom made your rigid gift boxes. One is the base with a full covered lid on it, in this case, the top lid is the same height as the bottom base, so when closed, you can't see the base from the box side, most cell phone packaging boxes are in this box style, if you want it to be easier to open, you can choose to add a finger notch on both sides of the lid. Another lid type is partially cover the base,  this box when closed you can see partial base exposed from the side view, also it's easier to open it than fully covered lid style. This partially covered lid mostly apply on a rigid telescopic box with a tall base. The partially cover can save material to save cost, also can make the gift box lighter on weight.

2 types lid cover of 2-piece rigid telescopic boxes

Two cover types lid of custom rigid Kraft 3-piece shoulder neck telescoping boxes.

The main difference between the 3-piece to the 2-piece telescopic box is the lid doesn't have to contact with the base to close the box, because it has a neck piece to connect them. In this case, you can choose to expose the shoulder neck or hide it from the side view. If you want to have a different color neck expose outside to stand out your box packaging, then make a 3-piece telescopic box with an exposed neck shoulder is a perfect choice. From below picture, you can see the gold paper wrapped neck exposed from side view and the kraft telescoping box with gold foil stamping well work in concert with the gold exposed neck to give a luxury look to the gift box.

2 types of custom rigid shoulder neck gift boxes

Custom printed Kraft cardboard 2-piece rigid setup boxes with removable lids.

For custom Kraft gift boxes with lid, you can choose to print your logo or artwork on both inside and outside of the rigid brown box. It can be single color printed or with a full color offset printing. The box inside usually is white which is the original color of the rigid duplex cardboard, but it can also be wrapped with brown kraft paper if required. Custom printed rigid packaging boxes can promote your brand and show more information to your customers. The kraft surface after printed does not require any treatment like film laminated comparing to other white virgin paper surface, this makes the Kraft rigid setup boxes be 100% recyclable and eco-friendly packaging.

Custom printed 2-piece rigid setup boxes with removable lids

Rigid top and bottom kraft gift box custom with hot foil stamping logo and artwork.

Except for custom printing with ink, there is also some premium luxury finish such as silver hot foil stamping, gold foil stamping, black and other color foil options. Hot foil stamping logo is shiny, which is eye-catching on the matte brown Kraft boxes. However, the foil logo and text should be big enough designed, otherwise will be foiled blurred, because foil can't be as precise as printing. Besides hot foil stamping, other premium finish like spot UV, embossing logo are also optional for Kraft rigid gift boxes.

Rigid top and bottom kraft gift box with hot foil stamping logo

Custom Kraft rigid telescoping lid gift boxes with various insert options.

1. Custom rigid telescopic box with die-cut paperboard insert.

Paperboard insert is an eco-friendly insert option for telescoping boxes, usually made of 300gsm Kraft paper stock or white virgin paper stock, they can be plain or printed as you want. They can be easily die-cut with any shape holes to fit your products and make them tightly fixed without movement in the box. Can be made to any height according to your products, also can be one layer or two layers with very flexible customize-ability.

Custom rigid telescoping box with paperboard insert

2. Rigid chipboard kraft telescoping gift box with EVA foam insert option.

EVA foam insert is also a very popular insert option for rigid gift boxes, low cost and easy die-cut feature, suit for a low minimum order, the main colors vary from white, grey and black. If you want to coat a piece of Kraft paper onto the EVA foam insert is also can be done, or coated with other printed paper to make your insert looks nice decorated.

Rigid chipboard kraft telescope gift box with EVA foam insert

3. Rigid telescopic gift boxes custom with foam and paperboard insert.

Sometimes we need to combine the paperboard insert and foam insert together to make a perfect fit box insert for some special needs product. As the foam insert and paperboard insert have their own features, when take their advantages together can reach a specific result in a good way. Choose the right way suit for your product packaging.

Rigid telescopic gift boxes custom with foam and paperboard insert

4. Rigid Kraft lift-off lid gift boxes with plastic vac insert option.

Plastic vacuum insert is widely used for cosmetic beauty product box packaging. In the plastic vac insert, it's possible to make various slots with different height and shape according to your products, it has the best flexibility to make holes to fit product like a bottle, jars etc perfectly. However the mold cost for plastic vac is high, so it requires a large quantity to lower the unit cost. Also, plastic is not environment-friendly material, you should consider to use them if all the other insert options are not suited for you, otherwise, replace them with paperboard insert is an eco-friendly action to show your customers about your brand image of eco-friendly and no harmful to the environment.

Rigid Kraft lift-off lid gift boxes with plastic vac insert

5. Rigid cardboard setup top and bottom box with fabric insert option.

You can choose a fabric to wrap outside the foam insert as a pad for your rigid gift box packaging. In below picture is a regular foam insert wrapped with a piece of gold/brown silk fabric outside, plus two elastic bands to make a padded insert for the comb product fixing. This will make the gift box looks more luxury feel than expose the foam directly.

Rigid cardboard setup top and bottom box

6. Custom printed rigid setup 2 piece gift boxes with a silk cloth insert.

You may look for some soft insert options for some fragile jewelry packaging, in this case, you can choose silk cloth and cotton insert which with soft foam beneath. They may not fix product tightly inside the box for shipment, but they are perfect to display your products in the store on shelves. This is a luxury style insert option for jewelry boxes, perfume bottle, and some high-end red wine boxes.

Custom printed rigid setup 2 piece gift boxes with silk cloth insert

7. Kraft custom rigid top bottom gift box with shredded paper insert option.

Shredded paper or raffia grass is another insert for telescope gift box, they are cheap and flexible to pad all kinds of product packed in the box. They come in various different colors to match the box color or product colors for decoration purpose. Also, shredded paper and raffia grass are recyclable and eco-friendly insert options for custom rigid gift boxes.

Kraft custom rigid top bottom gift box with shredded paper insert

Custom rigid kraft gourmet gift box with window & with no window

Rigid Kraft telescoping boxes are stylish and with a natural look, they are popularly used for gourmet gift boxes, there are gourmet boxes with window and gourmet boxes with no window two options. Window boxes allow customers to see through the boxes without open them, and boxes without windows can keep the gourmet gift as a secret for presentation. If you are a shop owner, you can custom made rigid kraft gourmet gift boxes with your logo printed and customize a perfect size for your gourmet to promote your brand.

Custom rigid kraft gourmet gift box with window

Custom black Kraft rigid telescoping gift boxes with gold foil stamping logo.

Except for brown color Kraft paper coated rigid telescopic gift boxes, the black paper coated boxes are also very popular, usually printed with gold foil stamping logo on black gift boxes. Beside foam insert options, you can choose a paper sleeve band to cover outside the telescope boxes with your brand name custom printed.

Custom black Kraft rigid telescope gift boxes with gold foil stamping logo

Full color printed make to order white rigid setup telescoping gift boxes available as well.

As a professional box packaging manufacturer, we not only product Kraft paper packaging, if you require white paper coated rigid gift boxes, of course, we are able to make it, printing and finish fully customized. Contact us by email or send an inquiry quote through our website quote form, we will get back to you with our best offer.

Full color printed white rigid setup telescoping gift boxes

If you want to custom made your own branded rigid telescoping gift box packaging, or you are at the early stage want to know a price idea or get a box die-line to make artwork designing, you can simply click below button to fill out a quick form to request a free quote from us, we will send a quote to you within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry. 

WHOLESALE Kraft boxes with lid

We have various types and sizes flat-packed kraft boxes with lids wholesale, they are not rigid material, made from cardstock, flat pack and easy assembly can also be customized.