Cardboard Tubes For T-shirt Apparel Packaging

Cardboard cylinder T-shirt Ties packaging tube box

Custom printed cardboard tube packaging is a perfect way to packing apparel including T-shirt, jeans, belts, ties, socks and underwear, and all other clothing accessories, they can be rolled to put into these well-designed round tube packaging. Rolling clothing not only looks cool, but tidy rolls also make sure clothes wrinkle-free. There are a lot of advantages and benefit to use the paper tube packaging for apparel to replace regular plastic bags. The competition in garment market is very high, you need not only a fashion clothes to catch consumers eyes, but an appearing packaging is also very important to enhance your brand and stand out your clothes from other brands to increase sales.

Custom Kraft paper tube packaging for T-shirt, scarf
Custom natural brown Kraft cardboard tubes for T-shirt, scarf packaging with single white one color printing and foil stamping logo.

Creative cardboard tubes for T-shirt packaging is attractive and appealing.

While most T-shirts in the market are packed with plastic bags or cardboard boxes, if you are creative to apply a round tube packaging for your tee and other fashion apparels can distinguish your brand. Nowadays people may not choose apparel just because of the fine fabric, they more like to buy those can match their personality. They can be impressed by a cool packaging as well, an awesome T-shirt tube packaging design is something they surely will like at first sight and instantly buy it to give as gifts.

Kraft paper cardboard T-shirt apparel packaging
Single color printed Kraft paper cardboard tubes for T-shirt packaging in a simple way.

A good T-shirt designer not only creates great looking T-shirts but also pay attention to the appealing T-shirt package since it’s a good strategy to stand out from the crowd and deliver a special purchase experience to consumers. While Cardboard tube packaging is sleek and very easy to stand out and catch eyes, they are unconventional and appealing, space saving and has a clean feel for presentation. T-shirt packaging is the first impression you present to your consumer. When done properly it can upgrade your apparel brand to a brand new stage.

Paper cardboard tube for T-shirt jeans packaging
Custom printed Kraft paper cardboard tubes for T-shirt packaging sealed with Kraft label sticker.