Cardboard Tubes For T-shirt Apparel Packaging

Cardboard cylinder T-shirt Ties packaging tube box

Custom printed cardboard tube packaging is a perfect way to packing apparel including T-shirt, jeans, belts, ties, socks and underwear, and all other clothing accessories, they can be rolled to put into these well-designed round tube packaging. Rolling clothing not only looks cool, but tidy rolls also make sure clothes wrinkle-free. There are a lot of advantages and benefit to use the paper tube packaging for apparel to replace regular plastic bags. The competition in garment market is very high, you need not only a fashion clothes to catch consumers eyes, but an appearing packaging is also very important to enhance your brand and stand out your clothes from other brands to increase sales.

Custom Kraft paper tube packaging for T-shirt, scarf
Custom natural brown Kraft cardboard tubes for T-shirt, scarf packaging with single white one color printing and foil stamping logo.

Creative cardboard tubes for T-shirt packaging is attractive and appealing.

While most T-shirts in the market are packed with plastic bags or cardboard boxes, if you are creative to apply a round tube packaging for your tee and other fashion apparels can distinguish your brand. Nowadays people may not choose apparel just because of the fine fabric, they more like to buy those can match their personality. They can be impressed by a cool packaging as well, an awesome T-shirt tube packaging design is something they surely will like at first sight and instantly buy it to give as gifts.

Kraft paper cardboard T-shirt apparel packaging
Single color printed Kraft paper cardboard tubes for T-shirt packaging in a simple way.

A good T-shirt designer not only creates great looking T-shirts but also pay attention to the appealing T-shirt package since it’s a good strategy to stand out from the crowd and deliver a special purchase experience to consumers. While Cardboard tube packaging is sleek and very easy to stand out and catch eyes, they are unconventional and appealing, space saving and has a clean feel for presentation. T-shirt packaging is the first impression you present to your consumer. When done properly it can upgrade your apparel brand to a brand new stage.

Paper cardboard tube for T-shirt jeans packaging
Custom printed Kraft paper cardboard tubes for T-shirt packaging sealed with Kraft label sticker.

Recyclable Kraft paper cardboard tube packaging for apparel is eco-friendly.

Paper cardboard tube packaging is made from recyclable Kraft paper, they are more eco-friendly packaging for T-shirt etc apparel packing than plastic bags in today's green trend in garment manufacturing. Although plastic bags are cost-efficient than cardboard tubes, they are not environmentally friendly or not biodegradable. Taking an eco-friendly packaging for your apparel can promote an environmentally brand image to your customers, to influence their instinct to appreciate your apparel brand and share with others. Also, cardboard tubes can be cost efficient as well if you choose a simple printing and finish for it, or at a large wholesale order, they can be as cheap as paper bags.

Polo shirt tee apparel cardboard tube packaging
Example of Custom full color printed artwork Kraft cardboard tubes for T-shirt, riding clothing.

Reusable apparel packaging cylinder tube packaging is a value-added packaging.

Cardboard tube packaging is a true value box which can keep giving benefits to your customers and your business. Instead of end up being thrown away, these well-designed T-shirt packaging cardboard tubes can be reused in another purpose once get the tee out of it, they are a good packaging for saving socks, storing pens and keeping other small home use items. It not just adds value to your apparel product but also add value to your consumers.

T-shirt clothes packaging cardboard cylinder tube
Custom CMYK printed white cardboard tubes with lid for apparel, belt and jeans packaging.

T-shirt packaging paper tubes are not the only function as packaging, but they are also a good way to showcase and display your apparel items in the retail stores. Instead of just fold your T-shirt and pile them on shelves or hang on racks, cardboard packaging tubes is a more unique catchy display way of catching consumers' attention. Also, you don't have to worry about your clothes being flung around and get dirty when packing them on tube packaging.

Bikini dress clothes packaging cardboard tubes
Custom CMYK full-color artwork printed white cardboard tubes for Bikini dress clothing packaging.

Round cardboard cylinder tube packaging for apparel has more customization abilities.

These cardboard tube packaging can be customized to many different styles with your size specifications, we can do various diameter and height cardboard tubes, colors can be brown Kraft, black and white. To custom printing with your brand logo, artwork on the tubes to promote your apparel brand is recommended. Also, besides artwork printing, they can be finished with premium foil stamping, embossing to make your T-shirt packaging looks luxury to add value to your business. If you want to learn more styles and customization options about Kraft tube packaging, click here

Massage roller packging cardboard tubes
Custom full-color artwork printed white cardboard tubes with rope handle for massage roller clothing packaging.

Sturdy cardboard tubes shirt packaging is good for shipping and upgrading the shopping experience.

Paper packaging tubes are made from sturdy cardboard which is a good option for shipping, they are lightweight but can protect apparel T-shirts inside them being damaged or soiled during transport than using plastic bags. At the same time, you deliver an environmentally conscious brand image to your clients when they receive the tee packed in these recyclable cardboard tube packaging. The apparel and the packaging can elegantly complement each other when with the right concept to support them even they are separate physically. Because unwrapping clothes packaging is also a very important part of apparel shopping experiences.

Custom paper tubes for underwear packaging
Customized CMYK full color printed white cardboard cylinder tubes with glossy finish for underwear packaging.

If you want to custom made your own personalized Cardboard T-SHIRT TUBE packaging, or you are at the early stage want to know a price idea or get a tube apparel box dieline to make artwork designing, you can simply click below button to fill out a quick form to request a quote from us, we will send a quote to you within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry. 

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