Kraft Paper Bakery Groceries Bags Packaging

Food grade Kraft bakery bags

Here you can buy food grade kraft paper bakery bags for baking food like bread, toast, cookies, etc. Also can be used to store dried fruits. They come in various sizes and brown and white two colors to meet your packaging needs. 

Recyclable Kraft grocery bag

These Kraft groceries bags are made of food grade kraft paper, also they are recyclable after use in our lives, which are more eco-friendly than plastic shopping bags. 

Quality Strong Paper Material

Our bags are made with quality and sturdy Kraft paper material, can pack and deliver heavy groceries items inside without damage easily, which ensure your goods packed inside safe. 

Various Small and Big Sizes

We have over 10 sizes of Kraft paper bags for your selection. You can find one which suits your packaging needs. Also, we have brown and white two color options, with greaseproof and normal Kraft paper choices for different packing requirements. 

Wave line edge on top opening

The wave lined edge makes it easier to sticker your shop branded adhesive sticker to seal the bakery bags after they are packed. You can also buy some nice sticker label with low price from our store for daily use.

Greaseproof and waterproof one

Besides the normal Kraft material, we also provide waterproof and greaseproof type bakery food bags to meet your special packing needs. For daily grocery packing, you can select the normal one which doesn't anti-grease is good. 

Plastic wrapped for shipment

We ship these small bakery bags in small packs by plastic film wrapped can ensure the bags do not contact with dust and moisture to make them clean and ready for use.  

Various Usage not just bakery

As they are food safe bags, you can use them for packing various food and dessert. Bread, toast, candies, biscuit cookies and breakfast packing, also take out food, etc as you want. They can always meet your packing needs.

Video of Kraft paper bakery bags and grocery bag
Kraft Paper Food Groceries Bags


Custom printED Kraft SACK Bags

Start to custom print your logo and artwork on the sack bags now! Two-color printing starts with minimum order only 2000 piece in our existing sizes.









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