Custom Cardboard Cosmetic Tubes Packaging

custom paperboard cosmetic tubes packaging

Custom paperboard tube packaging has been widely used in the cosmetic beauty industry. They are a perfect container for essential oil bottle, cream jar, perfume bottle, lip balm tube etc applications. If you want your beauty products to be packed in eye-catching packaging, you can choose to custom printed the cardboard tube packaging with full-color offset printing, plus some premium finish like spot UV, hot foil stamping  to make them looks fantastic, customers are easy to remember your cosmetic brand by your special designed cosmetic tube packaging boxes. If you are a startup looking for low-cost packaging can also opt to plain brown Kraft paper tubes which gives a stylish eco-friendly look, you can stick a printed label on them. No matter how you decorate these tubes packaging for cosmetic products, they are a fashion look packaging than other folding boxes.

Hot foil stamping logo tube packaging for cosmetics

Custom printed cosmetic cardboard tubes with gold or silver foil stamping logo.

Premium finish and printed artwork can make your cosmetic product packaging looks very high-end to promote your products and brand. A tube no matter in brown Kraft or white paperboard, both will have an eye-catch effect after applying foil stamping logo or symbols, the foil color can be gold or silver, or any other colors as long as we have the foil material. Not only can apply to the cosmetic tube packaging body but also can foil on the lids, just like printing.

Foam insert or paperboard insert with custom die-cut holes are available for cosmetic tubes packaging to secure bottle or jars inside without any movement during shipment. They can also make the packaging look more luxury.

Custom printed cardboard lipstick balm tube packaging

Custom printed cardboard paper tube lipstick and lip balm packaging tubes.

Among cosmetic tube packaging applications, cardboard paper tubes are a popular way for lipstick and lip balm packaging. Comparing to plastic or glass lipstick packaging, the paperboard tubes have their unique advantages. First, the cardboard lip balm tube is made from Kraft paper which can be 100% recycled and definitely more environment-friendly than plastic containers. In addition, the paperboard lipstick tubes are open to full-color printing options with any customized artwork printed and can be finished with luxury foil stamping and spot UV etc high-end look finish to make your brand lipstick stand out in the competitive cosmetic market, also more attractive to stop-by customers in the store. Lastly, cardboard lipstick tubes are more cost-effective than plastic lipstick tubes. Even in a small minimum order quantity, you can custom your own branded lipstick cardboard tubes, but it requires a larger amount to customize a plastic lipstick tube container. All the above benefits of using paperboard tubes can make your lipstick or lip balm with competitive price for students or low-income consumers, also they look beautiful and attractive, people will like them.

Printed cardboard perfume bottle packaging

Customized perfume bottle tubes packaging in the cosmetic industry.

The round cardboard tube is a perfect choice for round bottle packed perfume packaging. No matter your perfume bottle is a small slim spray tube or a large container, we have both large and small diameter tubes with customized size to fit your perfume container. You can put them directly in the tube, also you can choose to apply a foam insert inside the tube to fix your bottle tightly sit in the tube packaging without moving during shipment. You can choose to custom printed the perfume tube packaging in full-color printing artwork, also you can choose a natural brown Kraft tube packaging with single color printed, or with premium hot foil stamping logo. If you want to save cost, you can stick a label on the plain Kraft cardboard tubes. As the tubes are made from recycled paper, it's perfectly suitable to bring a natural impression to your customers if they see your perfume packed in a Kraft paperboard tube packaging.

Cardboard tube packaging for skin care beauty products

Custom round paperboard tube packaging for face body skin care products packaging.

For beauty products like skin care cream, lotion, essential products, the paperboard tube packaging is a perfect alternative choice to replace folding cartons. They have a unique round shape suit for most round jars and bottles, also they have rigid cardboard wall can protect those fragile glass container beauty products inside. They can be custom printed and finished in luxury design to catch your consumers' attention to know more about your beauty products, as they will believe it will make them beautiful with these products packed in such pretty packaging. Also as the cardboard tubes are made from recyclable paper which delivers an eco-friendly message to your customers that your brand is green. In a word, your packaging design is the first impression that consumers will get of your brand when they see your products on the shelf, it's important to look as great as when actually using your cosmetic products when they hold in hand.  In addition, it's an affordable and cost-efficient way to have a delight cardboard tube packaging for your skin care products to stand out from other brands, customers will feel confident to use your product in beautiful packaging.

Cosmetic eyelash packaging tube boxes

Cardboard tubes with insert  for eyelash packaging in cosmetic application.

Choose round paperboard tubes to pack eyelashes is a unique way comparing to pack them in a cardboard box. Eyelash tube packaging with a soft cotton lining base inside, and a plastic blister with raised shape in the middle for placing the eyelashes around. You can choose to have a clear window on the top lid to see through the box, it's an ideal way to display eyelash on the shelf without opening the boxes and cause them dirty. Also, you can customize print your brand logo and other colors on the tubes to make the eyelash tube packaging more attractive to stand out your eyelash products to appeal to your consumers. Packing eyelash in a small tube takes less room than rectangular long boxes, makes it easier for people to take eyelash product in their carry bags. Affordable eyelash tube packaging can lower the cost to enhance the competitiveness of your eyelash products like the other cosmetic tube packaging.

Paperboard essential oil tube packaging

Paperboard tubes for essential oil`packaging in cosmetic application.

Paperboard tubes are popularly used to pack essential oil bottles, CBD hemp oil, facial oil etc products. They are recyclable, affordable and stylish comparing to paper folding boxes, and rigid enough to protect the glass bottles during transit. No matter plain tube with stick label, or printed with custom artwork and other luxury finish, they are appealing to stand out your essential oil products and promote your brand in a unique way. We have a single page with customer cases to introduce cardboard tube for essential oil packaging, click here to know more. If you want to know more custom tube packaging knowledge, click here will get you to the cardboard tube page.

If you want to custom made your own personalized Cardboard COSTOMETIC TUBE packaging, or you are at the early stage want to know a price idea or get a cosmetic tube box dieline to make artwork designing, you can simply click below button to fill out a quick form to request a quote from us, we will send a quote to you within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry. 

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