Cardboard Tube For Essential Oil Bottle Packaging

Cardboard tube packaging has been widely used in cosmetics, such as for perfumes, lipsticks and essential oil. We are going to introduce the cardboard tubes for essential oil dropper bottles packing, includes CBD hemp oil bottle packaging, vape pens or cartridges packing tubes, beard oil packaging tubes and so on oil products which in glass bottles or jars, and pack them into a Kraft paper made cardboard tube packaging. Why cardboard tube packaging is more popular than the folding boxes carton used for packing these glass bottles and jars? They can be concluded to below several reasons, also they are the advantages of custom cardboard tube packaging boxes.

Cardboard tube packaging for essential oil bottles
Custom CMYK full color printed Kraft cardboard tubes for essential hemp CBD oil dropper glass bottle packaging, in regular 3-piece tube style which with inner neck, a shorter cap and a longer tube body. Outside brown Kraft color with printing, inside white tube.
Custom cardboard packaging tubes for essential oil bottles

Cardboard tube packaging has same round shape as the essential oil bottles.

First of all, from the appearance of cardboard tubes we can see it's same round shape as the bottles mostly used to pack essential oils products. This property makes it more suitable to pack essential oil bottles than other rectangular shaped folding boxes. It can save more storage room because there's no more extra space inside the tubes when putting the bottles in them, while regular paper folding carton has. Also, round tube packaging has better touch feel than rectangular cartons, people like round tubes to be better feel when holding them on hand. 

Essential oil bottle pack kraft paper packaging tubes
Custom natural brown Kraft cardboard tubes for essential oil glass bottle packaging with single white one color printing, in 3-piece tube style which with inner neck, a longer cap and a shorter tube base. Outside brown and white Kraft paper, inside brown color tube.

Cardboard tube for essential oil packaging is easier to pack and saving time.

As most style cardboard tubes packaging are consist of one cap and one bottom base two parts. When essential oil factory packing the oil product bottles into these tubes can be faster than packing into other folding carton boxes. You don't have to spend time assembly the folding cartons before packing, the only process is put oil bottles into the tube and put on the tube lid cap onto the tube base, very clean and fast process.