Kraft Paper Gift Bags with Handle Wholesale

Kraft Paper Gift Bags with Handle
Kraft Paper Gift Bags with Handle

Plain Kraft Paper Gift Bags with Rope Handle

For this type Kraft paper gift bags with nylon rope handle, we provide brown paper gift bags and black Kraft gift bags two color options for your choice. Each color has 10 size options available. They are made of 220gsm sturdy kraft paper, can carry weight 5~8 kg /10~18 lbs. Inside the bag bottom, there's a paperboard pad to help withstand the weight. If you want to custom made this type of paper bags with your specific size and your logo or artwork printing, please contact us for a quote. 

Colorful Plain Kraft Paper Bags with Paper String Handle

For this Kraft paper gift bags with paper string handle, we provide over 10 beautiful color options in stock for your choice. Each color kraft bags has 3 size options available, made of 150 gsm strong kraft paper, can carry weight 5~8 kg /10~18 lbs. You can purchase our in stock size plain bags, you can also contact us for a quote to customize your own branded logo and text printed Kraft gift bags with paper handles, minimum order is 300~500pcs. 

Printed Brown Kraft Paper Gift bags with Flat Paper Handles

This style brown kraft paper bags with flat paper handles are printed in black and white with four different patterns, the dot pattern, stripe pattern, wavy pattern and cube pattern. Each printed pattern come in small and big two sizes in stock, It's possible to custom a size with personalized printing on these kraft bags. The black printed bags are with black flat handles and the white printed bags are with nature brown Kraft paper handles. All made from durable recyclable Kraft paper stock. 

Printed Kraft Gift Bags with Rivet Fixed Wide Flat Paper Handle

This style single green color printed brown Kraft gift bags are with two black wide flat handles which fixed by 4 silver metal rivets give a luxury gift bags feel, the Kraft paper stock is 250gsm sturdy thick paper material. In the front is a leaf shape die cut window with clear PVC glued can see through the bags.  on the bag top is a printed paper leaf shaped hangtag as a decoration to the gift bag. Suit for packing various gifts and goodies. It can be customized if you are interested in. 

Kraft Red Color Printed Gift bags with Die-cut PVC Clear window

This one is the same sytle as above green color printed bags, this bag printed in red color textures, but with a Kraft paper die-cut printed maple leaf shaped hangtag decoration hanging on the wide flat bag handles. And the front window is also a maple leaf shaped glued with clear PVC. There are 6 bag sizes for your choice to pack different items and gifts. If you want to custom print your logo and business information on the bags is possible.


Customized Printed Kraft Paper Gift Bags with Handle

Custom printed Kraft paper gift bags with handles

Kraft paper bags used in our daily life.

Benefits of using Kraft paper bags for your business.

Let’s get it straight. Who doesn’t need a paper bag? Well, apparently everybody in any situation may need it. Whether doing grocery or looking for something to put your items in, we all are always calling out for spare paper bags. Not only do the paper bags are handy, but they also are a great substitute to the plastic ones, thus proving nature-friendly. When it comes to picking the right size of a paper bag for you, Kraft paper gift bags are the first choice of the most. Kraft paper bags with handles are made with recyclable natural paper material. Not only are they user and nature-friendly but are also light on your pocket.

We are proud of our Kraft bags product that comes in handy for people belonging to every way of life. Our Kraft brown paper bags are a great option for businesses and individuals who are environmentally friendly. There is a wide range of small brown paper bags and make your events, businesses, parties, and gatherings worthwhile. Small business owners and entrepreneurs can make good use of our Kraft bags wholesale for packaging purpose. From carrying gifts to sending packets, you can use our cheap brown paper bags with handle anytime, anywhere. Small Kraft paper bags can be handy for the lot in several situations and can serve many purposes. You can get our paper bags online from our site and on a much lower cost as compared to the market. 

Our Kraft paper bags with handles are made of 100% naturally recycled material. We are the preserver of Mother Nature, and that is why we compose products that are nature-friendly. Brown bags with handle combine fine quality paper with nylon ropes. These are available in black and brown color. Each can be purchased in 10 sizes and carry weight from 5 kg to over 8 kg. Our other Kraft paper bag product is colored paper bags with paper string handle. This item of ours is the best seller for its amazing features. These bags are available in over ten vibrant colors. Every color is available in 3 sizes. These amazing Kraft gift bags are composed of 150 gsm kraft paper. These are strong enough to carry 5 to 8 kg. Apparently they are the quality bags you need.

One thing that could benefit small business to compete with much-established rivals is having a unique brand image. Unique brand image must be different from the established rivals and able to offer new values that correlate with the values respected by its targeted customers.

Environmental sustainability is one thing that becomes more and more valuable for many people. Huge segments of consumers become more concerning about environmental sustainability and they are choosing brands that share the same values with them. How your brand can meet this new trend? One of them is by using eco-friendly packaging and shopping bags.

It is already common knowledge that plastic waste becomes a huge environmental disaster. Most of those plastic waste were product packaging and plastic shopping or gift bags. It is time to adopt a more eco-friendly approach for your business and it is by replacing the plastic bags with more eco-friendly Kraft bags. Your business will also take part to reduce the amount of plastic waste polluting the environment. Kraft paper bags with handles are the ideal choice to create an eco-friendly brand image that appeals to targeted customers.

Why Choose Kraft paper bags wholesale?

Gift bags are a crucial part of every retail business. It becomes an important part to strengthen brand image as the customers will carry the product they bought from the store with the gifts bag. The bag must be able to represent the brand properly and no wonder, gift bags from high-end boutiques or high-end brands are highly valued. Kraft Packaging Store offers the best solution to help your business to adopt more eco-friendly Kraft gift bags that able to represent brand image exceptionally.  

Kraft paper bags with handle is designed as finest look, classical fashion, and highly durable gift bags. The Kraft bags are made from 100% eco-friendly and recyclable paper materials. The materials are also food safe. The sturdy design and built ensures the bags have a premium look and highly durable. Custom printing for gift bags with brand logo is available for large quantity order. The best thing about this Kraft bags wholesale is its very competitive price to make it an ideal option for small businesses to adopt more eco-friendly product packaging.

This is the time when sharing the customers' values can give a huge impact on your business. Be one of the brands that accentuate environmental sustainability as part of your business value. As more and more people turning into an eco-friendly lifestyle, they will find that your brand correlates with their way of life and they could become your loyal customers. Let your prospective customers know about your brand image and value with the classical fashionable look eco-friendly paper gift bags.