Rope Handle Kraft Gift Boxes with Clear Window


2 color choices of Kraft boxes with window

Brown and Black 2 color option

For this Kraft paper box with window and rope handle, we provide black and brown Kraft two color options for your choice. Each color has 3 sizes, suit for packing honey jar, candle cans, candies, cookies and various small gift items. 

3 Size selections for this window kraft box

3 Size Options

For this Kraft paper box with rope handle and clear window. We Provide 3 sizes in different length and height to meet different packaging needs. All 3 sizes with a clear window in front. You can choose the one with the right size for your items and products. 

Strong nylon rope for this window style box

Rope Handle

The rope handle is not attached to the kraft paper box already when you receive them. The boxes are flat packed in shipping, you need to assemble them by folding up the box and attached the rope on the top of the box by going through the holes, very easy assembly. 

Bottom structure of this kraft gift box

Easy Snap Lock Bottom

This rope handle Kraft paper box with an easy assembly but fasten snap lock bottom, this kind of bottom is quite popular in kraft paper boxes, as they are easy to be set up. You can check below video in this page to learn how to fold this box in an easy way.



Clear Window

Each kraft box has a clear window on the front of the box, it's very neat glued from inside the box. It's made of food grade PET, which is more Eco-friendly material, it's very clear to see through the box and see the items inside. Good for you to display your products or gifts to your customers or friends.

Learn how to fold Kraft paper candy gift box with window and rope handle
Learn To Fold This Box In 1 Minute


Are you planning to surprise your loved one with an amazing gift but do not have an idea on how to wrap it up? Well, if this is the case then Kraft Packaging Store sorted this high-quality Kraft gift boxes with clear windows and rope handle for all your package needs, no matter for cookies, cake or any other handmade stuff.

We provide this style Kraft box in different sizes, shapes, and colours to ensure that every customer is fully satisfied with the box packaging that they settle for. All these boxes are also availed at different prices and therefore every customer is able to pick their best choice that suits them best and which conforms to their budget.

Various Usages of these Kraft paper boxes with windows

Kraft paper boxes are of different types and therefore vary in their uses. They are known to be very strong and can thus be used in different industrial and other commercial purposes. Below are some of the areas where these kraft paper boxes are widely used.

1.Packing gift items. The world is revolutionizing and people need to get a better fashion of everything. If you are planning to present a gift to a friend then do not just pick whichever wrapping material that comes your way. Make use of these kraft paper boxes and see how amazing it is as you present the gift to your loved ones. These paper boxes will also give you a chance to make handwriting of the birthday messages, wedding notes or whichever them you would like to appear on the kraft paper box. Besides, the kraft paper boxes are fitted with a clear window and the gift can thus be displayed as you present it.

2. Packing food products. Kraft paper boxes are a good choice for packaging your food products. They are made if different shapes and sizes and are also strong enough to safely hold any food items even for a long distance.

Reasons as to why you should choose kraft paper boxes with clear windows for your packaging needs.

First, because Kraft paper boxes do not cause any pollution on the environment as they can easily be recycled. Second, Kraft papers are known to be strong thereby making them more durable. They are therefore a good choice to avoid incurring more costs in getting new packaging boxes. The third is these kraft boxes with windows to display the packaged items looks great especially when presenting a gift to a loved one. With the string handle and the appropriate shape of the box, one feels very comfortable even when walking home after they are done shopping from your shop.

You definitely need these kraft boxes for your packaging needs and you can place an order anytime for immediate supply as they are in stock. For all wholesale supplies, find the best set of kraft paper boxes at affordable prices in our store. All you need to do is simply make an order selecting specifications on the boxes to be supplied as you wait to get the products delivered in a short time.









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