Custom Rigid Kraft Cardboard Magnetic Lid Boxes

What is a magnetic box? It's not for packing magnets, people call it magnetic boxes because of this kind of rigid gift boxes have a flap closure with a magnetic close mechanism. Usually, they are made from rigid cardboard and with two small pieces of magnet plates slotted inside the front box wall, and two pieces of small metal plates glued inside the flip-top closure, so they will attract each other to close the box lid. It also called magnetic closure boxes and magnetic flap boxes. Custom magnetic boxes can be brown Kraft paper coated outside to have natural look gift boxes, also can be full color printed on a white surface paper to get an attractive artwork designed magnetic closure gift box.

Custom Kraft cardboard rigid magnetic closure boxes

Custom Kraft  Cardboard Rigid Magnetic Boxes with 5 different Closure Types.

1. Custom Rigid magnetic lids boxes with top flap end at half of the front panel.

The regular closure of flip-top rigid cardboard box is fully covered the front box panel. However, it can be customized to have a two-piece like flaps meet in the middle of box front panel, one-piece comes from the box base and another one is the top lid flip down to meet the base one, this type flap closure usually will be customized on a tall magnetic box. By this way, to decrease the height of the top flap and make it easy to open, and you can add a piece of custom stickers to seal the end of the two flaps as a presentation magnetic gift box.

Custom magnetic boxes with halfway ends flap closure

2. Custom gift boxes with a triangular-shaped flap magnetic lids.

The regular flap lid of the magnetic box is rectangular cut, however, it can also be cut to other shapes, a popular shape is a triangular edge, see below image you can notice the triangular shaped flip-top lid. It can also be oval-shaped if you like, they can be customized to meet your special design needs.

Custom Rigid magnetic gift boxes with triangular shape flap

3. Custom magnetic gift boxes with top lid glued in the back, or not glued.

There are two options for the choice of how to display the top magnetic lid, it can be glued to the back of the box, and not glued. You can notice the main difference of the two types lid option, if the flap back glued to the inner box, then the top lid can't be flip backward to the floor and lay down flatly. The magnetic flap is not glued to the inner box then it can flatly lay down backward. We recommend a taller box with a glued lid and a lower box with a lid not glued.

Custom magnet boxes with flap glued and not glued two types

4. Custom magnetic boxes with ribbon pull flap lid closure.

To attach a piece of ribbon pull on the flap can make it easy to open the box. The ribbon can be selected in many colors such as black, white, and gold etc color ribbon pull. If you don't like a ribbon attach to the box, can also choose to cut a finger notch in any shape on the magnetic flap. However, we will recommend the ribbon pull instead of the finger notch cut, because it's easy to notice the gray board from the cut edge and it's hard to cover it with the surface coating paper.

Custom magnetic closure gift boxes with ribbon pull flap

5. Custom presentation magnetic gift boxes with rope handle or ribbon closure.

No matter you want to decorate your presentation boxes, or you just want your customer to carry the box with a handle, there are these options to attach a rope handle and a ribbon to close the box to replace the magnetic closure, also with the magnets together to close the box, just to have a ribbon bowl for decoration. Both the handle for the magnetic boxes and the ribbon can be with many types and color options to match the box color or artwork printing.

Custom gift boxes with magnetic lids and ribbon rope closure

Customized Kraft rigid cardboard magnetic boxes with different types of inserts.

1. Custom hinged lid magnetic rigid boxes with paperboard insert.

Paperboard insert is flexible to create many different shape slots to well protect your product to sit tightly inside the box from moving around. We recommend Kraft paperboard insert for Kraft surface paper coated rigid cardboard magnetic gift boxes because Kraft paper is one hundred percent recyclable can make your packaging recycled if you are using them to pack any natural and environmentally products. Also, the paperboard insert is a cost-efficient option.

Rigid Kraft cardboard magnetic closure boxes with paper insert

2. Custom rigid Kraft magnetic boxes packaging with die-cut foam insert.

If you don't think the thin paperboard inserts are good to fit your products, we also have foam insert option for your choice. There are EVA foam, EPE foam and XPE foam, their difference is on the hardness, EVA foam is the hardest, XPE foam is the softest, they usually are used in a jewelry packaging gift boxes.  Foam color can be white, black and gray, they can be coated with luxury look velvet on the surface. As foam has a certain thickness, if you want a thicker foam, they usually are glued with several pieces to reach the thicker or higher insert. Foam insert can be die-cut to your product shape to fit them perfectly. They are a bit expensive than the paper insert.