Custom Cardboard Wine Tubes Packaging

Cardboard tube packaging for wine bottle packing is a very popular option. When it comes to wine and spirits packaging, there are a lot of choices. There are the high-end carton boxes and luxury wooden cases for some carefully crafted red wine brand. These packaging usually serve exclusive clients. As spirits and beverage industry has a very competitive market, in order to get more market share, not only need a quality wine but also need a well designed, unique packaging to distinguish from the competition and grab potential customers' attention when they are shopping for wine, especially when they want to buy a bottle of wine as a gift. A unique designed wine packaging is what they can't say no. The round cylinder cardboard tube packaging is perfect to fit round wine bottle inside them, also because they are made from Kraft paper which is 100% recyclable, can enhance your brand image as an eco-friendly wine brand. They can also be customized with different features and finish to stand out your wine product easily from the flush wine brand choices market.

Main 3 types of custom cardboard wine packaging tubes 

It can be concluded to three main tubes packaging for wine and spirits, the first type is with cardboard lid, second is with meal cap, third is with a rope handle on the tube packaging for carrying. 

Red wine packaging tubes with cardboard cap

Custom printed cardboard tubes wine packaging with cardboard cap lid.

This type of wine tube packaging is fully made from cardboard, both the tube body and tube lids, it's a cost-effective solution for wine tube packaging. If you are looking for a low minimum order quantity tube packaging for wine, this type is the best choice, because it's easy to customize the cardboard cap than a metal cap in a low quantity. This type of tubes have all the custom features of cardboard tubes, diameter and height can be customized according to your wine bottle. They can be full color printed on both tubes and caps, apply a premium finish such as foil stamping and spot UV on the tubes to makes them look high-end and luxury.

Custom wine bottle packaging tubes with metal cap

Custom cardboard tubes with metal caps for wine packaging

Different from the first type of tube packaging, this type of wine tubes with metal lids on both sides, only the tube body wall is made from cardboard. This type wine tubes will require higher order quantity for custom packaging, also the metal cap cannot be with full-color printing, usually, they come in black, silver and gold color, your logo can be embossed on the metal cap. As the metal lids don't have every size, so some sizes required need to be custom made, it requires a high quantity for custom metal caps. To the tody body, all features can be customized, custom printing and finish, etc.

Wine packaging tubes with rope carry handle

Cardboard tube packaging for wine with rope carry handles

If you want to make a unique cardboard tube wine packaging, you can choose this type of paper tube packaging with a rope handle attached to the tube body or tube cap. Not only for tubes with cardboard lids but also for tubes with metal caps, both can be customized with rope handle.  It can be easy for your customers to carry the bottle home after purchase, it can also as a great look gift to present to a friend with a wine packed in such nice decorated packaging. If you have other particular ideas want to custom made your wine tube packaging, you can contact us to check if we can make it, and we are happy to make a custom sample for you.

If you want to custom made your own branded Cardboard WINE TUBE packaging, or even you are at the early stage want to know a price idea or get a tube candle box die-line to make artwork designing, you can simply click below button to fill out a quick form to request a quote from us, we will send a quote to you within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry. 

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