Natural Kraft Jewelry Gift Boxes Wholesale


Brown Kraft Jewelry Boxes

We supply brown and black two colors Kraft jewelry gift boxes. For brown color, we have 9 sizes for choice to meet different jewelry or gifts packaging needs. The jewelry box style is a rigid gift box with lid and base two-piece telescope type. Their lids covered part of the base to make it easy to open. The material outside is Kraft paper, wrapped a piece of rigid chipboard inside to achieve a sturdy cardboard jewelry box. 


Black Kraft Jewelry Boxes

If you are fond of black color, you can also find the black Kraft paper jewelry boxes in 6 sizes in our store. They are all come with a black foam pad insert with die-cut holes for jewelry like earrings, necklace placement. This kind of foam insert has its advantages to cotton filler. You can not only use them as a jewelry box, but you can also use them to pack other handmade gifts, craftwork, and small gift items to give to your friends. 


Kraft Jewelry Boxes Decorates

If you don't think the plain Kraft jewelry boxes are pretty enough for you to deliver your jewelry or gifts, you can also choose to decorate them with a piece of small artificial flower like sunflower, rose and calla lily. We supply these small flowers with Kraft ribbon says words like "Especial for you". If you decorate your Kraft jewelry boxes with them can definitely enhance the beauty of the dull box, and people love the beautiful packaging. 


Details of Kraft Jewelry Boxes

We pay close attention to the details while production of these Kraft jewelry boxes. Every box is neatly wrapped from paper to paperboard they are all tightly glue treated. We select the quality black foam pad insert with velvet coated on top to protect your jewelry or gifts as well as to present a more decent look. All the fine details come out a nice simple but stylish Kraft paper jewelry box.