Kraft Paper Take Out Food Boxes Wholesale

Standard Kraft paper fast food take out boxes

Standard Kraft Food Take out Boxes in 5 Sizes

Our in-stock standard paper take out boxes are made of sturdy food-grade Kraft paper material. Have 5 sizes of containers with different volumes from 800ml to 1900ml. These type Kraft food boxes are designed to be closed with perforated flaps which can be easily ripped out while enjoying the meal. 

Kraft paper fried chicken take out boxes packaging

Kraft Food Boxes with Air Hole for Fried Food 

Except for that type of take-out food lunch packaging boxes, we have another box style with two die cut air holes for fried food like fried chicken and barbeque toasted meat. The air holes can release the heat of fried food inside to keep the fresh taste. These boxes without perforated flaps, using for fried food storage.