Kraft Paper Take Out Food Boxes Wholesale

Standard Kraft paper fast food take out boxes

Standard Kraft Food Take out Boxes in 5 Sizes

Our in-stock standard paper take out boxes are made of sturdy food-grade Kraft paper material. Have 5 sizes of containers with different volumes from 800ml to 1900ml. These type Kraft food boxes are designed to be closed with perforated flaps which can be easily ripped out while enjoying the meal. 

Kraft paper fried chicken take out boxes packaging

Kraft Food Boxes with Air Hole for Fried Food 

Except for that type of take-out food lunch packaging boxes, we have another box style with two die cut air holes for fried food like fried chicken and barbeque toasted meat. The air holes can release the heat of fried food inside to keep the fresh taste. These boxes without perforated flaps, using for fried food storage. 

Waterproof no leaking Kraft food boxes

Waterproofing Kraft Take Out Boxes Container

These kraft paper lunch boxes containers are designed to be water leakage-proof, they are assembled with four corners pre-glued. Such leakage proof property take out boxes can prevent any soup in the meal from leaking. Also, they are oil proof varnished inside to contact with food directly with damage. 

Durable Kraft paper food take out boxes packaging

Sturdy Kraft Paper Food Boxes Packaging

Our Kraft paper take-out boxes are made of durable study Kraft paper stock, which gives the boxes with straight corners and shaped look. A quality food container box can not only ensure the food content inside the container to be safely delivered, but it can also somehow enhance the impression of your delicious food. 

Kraft paper fast food takeaway packaging

Four Perforated Flaps Can Be Easily Ripped

Only the standard Kraft food boxes have the perforated flaps can be ripped out. The one with air hole for fried food doesn't have the dotted line on the flaps and can't be ripped out easily from the box. Because the fried food container suit for fried food storage and the take-out lunch boxes need to be convenient for a meal.

Kraft paper salad take out containers packaging

Fast Food Take Out and Pasta Salad Packaging

You can select the right size for your food take out boxes packing needs. Greaseproof food grade kraft paper boxes can directly contact with food, suit for packing various takeout fast food and salads, pasta etc take out. They are easily set up and get you food fast packed and safely delivered to your clients all the way.

Kraft paper fried food take out boxes

Fried Food Take Out Packaging Containers

Airhole cut kraft paper box container designed for delivering fried chicken, fried meatpacking and any other food as you like. There are 2 sizes of options available. Easy assembly and they can be customized with your brand logo and slogans if you require a custom service of Kraft take out food packaging boxes.