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Top 18 Kraft Paper Properties You Should Know

Firstly, we will come to a simple understanding of Kraft Paper, Kraft paper has environmental protection, recycling, cost saving, and other characteristics, with the entire international market on the packaging environmental protection requirements are increasing, Kraft paper with high strength, environmental protection, etc. property, has become the preferred material for Kraft paper box packaging. And Kraft paper also has a feature, in the customs when the Kraft paper packaging materials do not need to provide additional testing.

Excellent characteristics of Kraft paper
  • Excellent characteristics of Kraft paper.

Kraft Paper as a packaging material, it is certainly necessary to have high-strength compression performance, because many products are to be transported by logistics, and transport process is very easy to appear some packaging problems, subject to a certain squeeze, the folding resistance, toughness of Kraft paper are very good.

And Kraft paper packaging in some industrial and agricultural can also be used, such as cement bags, fertilizer bags, these packaging used Kraft paper with high load, high strength, and has a certain degree of breathability. Of course, in the food industry packaging Kraft paper is also very popular, food grade Kraft paper performance is very superior, not only with moisture-proof or waterproof, and oil immersion, low temperature freezing, long expiration period and other characteristics. And compared to plastic, glass and other packaging materials, in the performance difference is not much, but the cost of food-grade packaging Kraft paper is much lower than the general packaging materials.

And food grade Kraft paper can be recycled and reused. Compared with bleached white paper, Kraft paper properties have many unique advantages. For home food packaging, such as barbecue food or homemade food, the Kraft paper Natural Brown color makes the packaging look warm and nostalgic. For example, a wooden style decoration rustic steak restaurant, takeaway food packaging with Kraft paper, even if not in the restaurant can also feel the style of the restaurant. The unique appearance of Kraft paper alone is also more prominent than the overall white packaging.

  • Food grade Kraft paper for food packaging.

In Kraft paper products there is a special needs of Kraft paper, that is food packaging Kraft paper, benefiting from the national attention to food safety, as food packaging materials the food packaging Kraft paper market demand continues to be increased, products continue to standardize, food packaging Kraft paper is currently characterized by almost all the use of full wood pulp production. As use of recycled pulp and can reach the food packaging Kraft level of the product has not yet appeared on the top of the market.

Food grade Kraft paper with more environmentally friendly properties than plastic and other packaging. Its performance is also very superior, moisture-proof waterproof, anti-oil immersion, low-temperature freezing, can delay shelf life and other substances. You can buy anti-oil Kraft bags for food packaging from our store. The cost of food-grade Kraft paper is relatively lower when the barrier effect is the same compared to packaging materials such as plastics and glass.

Food grade Kraft paper for food packaging

Food packaging Kraft paper currently mainly has yellow Kraft paper and white Kraft paper two occupy the main market share, the current market of such products are mainly concentrated in the quality of standards and testing reports are not complete features, but the use of food Kraft paper customers are mostly to pick up foreign orders users, and such customers often need food-grade reports more complete, So at present, the domestic food packaging Kraft paper production enterprises need to improve their own depth in the detection report, now different countries will require Kraft paper manufacturers to provide different food grade testing reports, such as the export of food-grade printing and packaging products in the United States will ask for FDA reports, And as a junior SGS report has been unable to meet the current market demand.

An important test index of food grade white Kraft paper properties are the content of fluorescent agent, the content of which is too high will be harmful to human health. Because without adding brightener, the whiteness of white Kraft paper is very difficult to achieve high whiteness. In order to achieve this whiteness, many Kraft paper manufacturers will add a large number of phosphor as a brightener in production. But phosphors are harmful to the human body, and long-term exposure can be a cancer-causing risk. Therefore, in the food packaging industry is absolutely forbidden to use the addition of phosphor white Kraft paper.

So what simple ways do we have in our daily lives to quickly detect whether the fluorescent content of white Kraft paper is exceeding the standard, and we can use these simple methods.

1. Use a currency detector to detect. This is a relatively quick and easy way, is that we will UV function of the currency detector directly to white Kraft paper irradiation, and then slow movement, if there is a clear fluorescence phenomenon, it shows that the white Kraft paper product fluorescent content is seriously exceeded, cannot be used in food packaging.

2. Sunlight irradiation method, the method of low accuracy, because the sun itself contains ultraviolet light, if you can see fluorescent substances, but also that the white Kraft paper fluorescent agent exceeded the standard. This method is said to be less accurate because if we can see fluorescent substances in the sun, it shows that the white Kraft paper product fluorescent agent has been seriously exceeded. In fact, sometimes fluorescent agent content exceeding a certain range we can not see in the sun, so it is generally not recommended to use this method.

3. Naked eye observation method. The so-called naked eye observation method is that we directly look at the whiteness of white Kraft paper. Generally speaking, the whiteness of food grade white Kraft paper is relatively low, even some yellowish. If the white Kraft paper on your hand is as white as the A4 copy sheet, it goes without saying that this white Kraft paper can be clearly judged to be non-food grade.

  • Color classification of Kraft paper

1. Natural color Kraft paper is brown, color is relatively dim, its surface impurities are also more obvious, generally used as the outer layer packaging, mainly play a dust-proof, moisture-proof, shockproof effect.

2. Single-sided smooth Kraft paper, on the basis of the original sheet, has a face through the original pulp coating processing, coating this side of the surface smooth and bright, yellow-brown, can be printed color. And the other side is basically the same as the original color Kraft paper, there are impurities.

3. Double-sided Smooth Kraft paper, full wood pulp Kraft paper, two faces are relatively smooth and bright. Color brown can be printed multi-color, both sides have a full wood pulp coating, has toughness. Belonging to high-grade double-sided box board paper, imported double-sided Kraft paper generally with some physical characteristics are better than domestic.

4. White Kraft paper is a double-sided white Kraft paper, can be divided into domestic white cowhide and imported white cowhide. Generally speaking, white Kraft paper is also divided into white and ultra-white, ultra-white sometimes called high white Kraft paper. According to the performance of the paper in detail divided down and flame-retardant white Kraft paper, high-humidity strong white raft paper, waterproof white Kraft paper and non-ash white Kraft paper. For some packaging printing products, can also be drenched film, paper lamination, embossing, dyeing processing food grade and so on.

5. There are two kinds of yellow Kraft paper, one is two face color is pure bright yellow, that is, refined Kraft paper. The other is a double-sided yellow Kraft paper with stripes. Both of these types of paper belong to high-grade Kraft paper, the price is relatively expensive.

6. Black Kraft paper, gram weight lower black Kraft paper, gram weight higher called black Kraft cardboard. Also divided gray bottom single black cardboard, single-sided transmittance darker cardboard, double-sided transmittance darker cardboard, all wood paddle black cardboard.

Suitable for photo albums, photo frames, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, mobile phone boxes, shoe boxes, stationery, clothing tags, notebooks, desk calendars, handbags and horn speakers electronic gaskets and handicraft packaging etc. You can see the post Top 10 Kraft Boxes Types and Advantages.

  • Kraft paper color differences caused in production

We all know that Kraft paper is made of wood pulp, part of Kraft paper is made of all wood pulp, the other part of Kraft paper is made of recycled pulp. This is the basic one of properties. Whether it is all wood pulp made of Kraft paper or recycled pulp made of Kraft paper, after the finished Kraft paper came out, each batch of Kraft paper will always have a color difference.

So people notice why the color of Kraft paper in different batches is different, why this happens, in fact, the reason is very simple, because the production of Kraft paper raw materials can not be completely on the same tree material. So the production batch is different, the production season is different, at the same time the production machine is also different, so they produce the Kraft paper each batch will not be the same. Then this situation, will lead to Kraft paper color will have some deviation, but the impact will not be too large, good manufacturers produced Kraft paper color in each batch can reach 99% consistent.

  • White Kraft paper and Brown Kraft paper difference.

White Kraft paper is a kind of Kraft paper, Kraft paper is divided into brown Kraft paper and white Kraft paper, white Kraft paper can mainly be used for printing, there is a certain whiteness, many printing plants will apply this kind of paper to print, and brown Kraft paper is generally used for packaging more. It may be asked, what is the difference between white Kraft paper and ordinary brown Kraft paper, in addition to color? In fact, many aspects can be used as a comparison, the above mentioned that the color and use are actually different, and their production materials, it is certainly not the same. Ordinary brown Kraft paper is generally made of wood pulp. White Kraft paper is made of bleaching wood pulp, its core, bottom pulp are made of color wood pulp, so that's the difference between them.

White Kraft Paper food Packaging has many advantages, the specific summary of white Kraft food Packaging is more in line with health, environmental protection, more economical cost savings etc.

White Kraft Paper Packaging for food is more environmentally friendly. White Kraft paper is produced by full wood pulp production, food grade white Kraft paper usually comes from artificial forest farm, rather than natural forest farm, because artificial forest farm is usually the use of artificial forest and sustainable regeneration, and white Kraft paper can be fully recycled and reused.

Economical cost savings. White Kraft paper as a food grade packaging Kraft, affordable, in the conversion of packaging will not increase the cost of packaging, is a more ideal packaging used.

  • Eco-friendly Recycled Kraft paper.

We know that Kraft paper is environmentally friendly packaging, one is because Kraft paper can be recycled and reused, and the other reason is that some Kraft paper is made from recycled waste pulp environmental-friendly Kraft cardboard. The main difference between recycled Kraft paper and ordinary Kraft paper is in raw materials. Recycled Kraft paper is made of recycled pulp, while ordinary Kraft made of original raw wood pulp.It is precisely because recycled Kraft paper uses recycled pulp, and recycled pulp often contains a large number of impurities, so in physical Kraft paper properties and quality of recycled Kraft paper than the original wood pulp Kraft paper is slightly weaker. Some recycled Kraft paper printing will also appear ''drop powder'' phenomenon. Therefore, in the market on the packaging performance and safety and hygiene requirements are usually use of original wood pulp Kraft paper, while the general packaging used to use recycled Kraft papers.Recycled Kraft paper products are not because the use of raw materials used waste material is not high-grade, in fact, recycled Kraft paper on the grade is also divided into excellent grade, A class, ordinary level three levels. Highest level of recycled Kraft paper to meet the packaging needs of high-end products.However, from the standpoint of environmental protection, recycled Kraft paper will use recycled pulp two times, greatly reducing the excessive use of forest resources. And because it is the use of recycled pulp, so the price of recycled Kraft paper is also cheaper.

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